The astrological predictions of Tuesday, November 8, 2022

There is a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus, there will be no shortage of revelatory events that will bring findings and realizations. Unexpected situations will appear, they will have a direct effect on psychology, there may be ups and downs and moods. A kind of self-psychoanalysis will be needed, it will be necessary to analyze the complexes, the psychological knots and the reactions.


As you move a little deeper into your pursuits these days you may need to find moments to relax. Heightened emotions around money and possessions, as well as your personal values ​​and talents can be an issue now with an eclipse landing in your resource sector. It's time to face emotions and make changes and improvements that lead you to a stronger sense of security and predictability. However, take your time before making any decisive decisions and consider the emotions that come up.

A lunar eclipse in your sign causes an emotional awakening. The truth you are facing now is about something that has been on your mind for a long time, but you haven't fully recognized it or paid attention to it. Emotions run high, especially around a personal matter or a close relationship, and with all that emotional excitement you can feel tired. A Lunar Eclipse has the effect of a Supercharged Full Moon. It can trigger an important revelation that may be related to your feelings for someone, your image, or your personal impact.

This morning's Lunar Eclipse urges you to look within, rest, and answer your inner voice. You may need a little break from your daily pressures and demands as this moon takes place in your private life sector reminding you to take care of your spiritual and emotional needs. Your intuition or your dreams have powerful messages for you. The light shines on recent hidden or behind-the-scenes trends in your life helping you fill in some gaps.

Emotions are strong and guide you today with a lunar eclipse in your 11th solar house affecting your social life, children, love, group associations and friends. Feelings for someone, for a relationship or for your social life can be decisive now reaching a turning point. You may also come to powerful realizations about your long-term happiness goals. Events tend to push you in the right direction on a more authentic path.

Transits highlight the need to make changes in your personal and professional life. Revelations are likely to be about past situations and buried needs or feelings, and these can finally propel you forward. Plans and timelines may change, but will likely lead to major breakthroughs. There can be real challenges in managing your personal and professional or public life now with heavy demands coming from both sides.

Today's Lunar Eclipse challenges you to confront some important, perhaps previously buried, issues in your life that are particularly related to ideas and beliefs. It's a powerful time to discover your feelings about a subject, but you may need to let everything sink in before you come to any conclusions. Taking control of your life takes time and energy so decide to make changes, but avoid pushing for immediate results. This eclipse produces both emotional and mental energy, but focusing on these areas is challenging.

There may be revelations and possible problems or tension related to finances, now with the eclipse of the Moon and its links with Mercury and Uranus. While these influences can motivate you to work harder, watch out for exhaustion, impulsiveness with money, and combativeness in relationships. If you don't honestly know what's bothering you you may end up instigating or provoking so aim for self-understanding. There is a tendency for people to question each other today, so try not to take it too personally if it happens to you.

Today's Lunar Eclipse turns your attention to the perspective or needs of a significant other. This can help balance things out, although you may feel temporarily tired or overwhelmed. It is a time of greater social activity and relationships or an important announcement. Realizations about your relationship needs can lead to substantial changes today, and it's time to get in touch with your heart.

This morning's eclipse is part of a set of eclipses that encourage you to improve the work-rest balance in your life. Today's eclipse challenges you to deal with slack results, looming deadlines, health issues, or scheduling issues. Realizations and revelations prompt you to start an exercise or diet plan that you know you need to do to feel more balanced, or there may be the culmination of a job or project that brings you to a turning point.

Emotions run high with today's Lunar Eclipse, as it sheds new light on a friendship, romance, or creative project. Your true feelings about a person or a project can overtake you and everything changes as a result. There may be a peak or a turning point now. Letting go creates space for a rush of new creativity. Since this is part of a series of eclipses that runs through next year, you won't have all the answers yet, but you're definitely on your way.

While it is best to avoid rash actions, it is a powerful time for self-discovery. Life seems to be speeding up and something has to change, but it's better to make careful adjustments rather than just reacting to disappointing circumstances. Seek to know your heart better. Both your professional and personal demands are strong now, but it can be difficult to move in either direction until you reach a balance or compromise. Feelings you've kept at bay or haven't yet acknowledged are impossible to ignore now.

Emotions run high today with a Lunar Eclipse in your communications and transportation sector. Feelings, ideas and events can lead to important discoveries, insights and changes in your mindset or attitude. Today's transits tend to shake up preconceptions, and changes in plans and schedules can change your perspective on an issue or your view on a task or situation. Moments of truth may arise now, making it a powerful time to learn more about yourself.