The astrological predictions of Saturday, September 10, 2022

Today's Full Moon brings matters of money, talents and values ​​into emotional focus.


Today's Full Moon energy reminds you of the need to slow down, especially if you've been too busy and neglected to take moments to catch your breath, reflect and re-energize. This moon falls on your axis of work, service and health and emotions are blooming. The need for extra rest and quiet or private time may be apparent. However, remember that with Mercury retrograde it is better not to make impulsive statements or actions.

Today's Full Moon sparks activity in your social life or opens your heart to your feelings about a friendship or a special project. Buried or unacknowledged feelings surface now and may involve a relationship or serve to rekindle interest in a project you have not yet fully completed. A hidden relationship problem may surface and require attention, or a friend may need your help.

Today's Full Moon can bring an obligation to light or a turning point in a life goal. You may be able to manage or lead, come to a meaningful realization about work, career, reputation and true feelings about your life's direction. However, it is best to take your time and move slowly with your ruler Mercury retrograde.

Today's Full Moon appears in the area of ​​adventure and learning, stimulating the desire to break routine, follow your interests, follow a new way of thinking or share your ideas. It's about venturing into unknown territory and discovering new ways of looking at your life, which takes some courage. This moon could bring fruit or close a project, information come to light that changes your perspective on an issue, and emotions are running high.

Today's Full Moon appears in your solar 8th house causing revelations and realizations that motivate you to sort out your finances or dependencies. You may connect with your feelings about a topic that you can no longer ignore. Your attachments take center stage now, and you'll want to make changes if something feels off. There is a tendency to go from one extreme to the other until you reach a middle ground, but you should be careful while Mercury is retrograde.

Today's Full Moon appears in your 7th solar house and brings to the surface feelings you have kept to yourself or even from yourself. Relationships can be in sharp focus and emotions run high. You discover who and what you need, which helps you motivate and get along. Perhaps there will be drama in a relationship or a discovery of strong feelings in the coming days, giving you a rather sudden perspective on your life.

Today's Full Moon can open your eyes to an issue that you have neglected or ignored. Because this Lunar event falls along your axis of work and service, it can shed light on a spiritual or service-related issue. Through the intense rhythms that will follow, it is certain that you will discover new information that helps you to clarify your path. Getting rid of a financial or personal obligation could be part of the picture.

With today's Full Moon a social or romantic matter may reach a turning point. This moon can lead to an important realization about a romance or heartfelt quest. It urges you to take care of your emotional world and brings discoveries related to creative pursuits, long-term projects and happiness goals, hobbies, romance and friendships. What is coming to light now is important but it is best to take your time before jumping to conclusions.

This Full Moon can awaken a strong need to deal with your personal life, family and home. Balancing your home life with responsibilities in the rest of the world is essential now, but your professional or public life continues to need your intense attention. This moon urges you to get in touch with your true feelings about an issue. Any Full Moon brings emotions to the surface and can illuminate previously unacknowledged, buried or hidden things.

With today's Full Moon a pleasant surprise or coincidence can bring a little extra fun and joy into your life. It can cause discoveries related to ideas, learning, communications, transportation and relatives which in turn can motivate you to make changes and improvements. The new awareness allows you to face whatever comes in full view head on. There can also be a real flurry of activities related to errands, news or a short trip.

Today's Full Moon brings matters of money, talents and values ​​into emotional focus. The revelations shake you up and force you to handle your finances or show your abilities in the best possible way. If you were holding back emotions now they can burst out. However with Mercury now retrograde wait to digest the emotions that are emerging now before taking action.

Today's Full Moon is all about you as it takes place in your sign. It's a powerful time to connect with feelings you may have pushed aside and are now unavoidable. Your emotions are in full bloom and there may be surprises and revelations. You may want to express some things, but think that with the recently retrograde Mercury, misunderstandings may arise.