The astrological predictions of Saturday, March 18, 2023

Venus forms a hexagon with Saturn, it is a positive aspect, the visions will be serious both for matters related to emotional life and personal relationships, as well as for matters of a financial nature. There will be an opportunity for processing and settlement, conditions will be favorable to close open accounts that create insecurity.



Krie, use the day to have a good time because enjoying small everyday things will have a soothing effect on your psychology. Be careful as the memories come to your mind and take care to confuse you and throw your psychology.

Professional - financial 

The day is ideal to claim what you consider to belong to you as you work hard and feel that the time has come for you to be fully rewarded. Beware of communication mistakes due to emotional charge that can cost you significantly.

Passion takes off on a personal level and creates unique moments that you can enjoy with your partner, something that will bring you closer than ever. If you are single, it is possible to have an acquaintance that will guarantee stability and strong emotion in your life.


Taurus, friendships trouble you as you want to have a good time but you do not have a clear picture of the intentions of the people you meet. It is important not to show confidence in people who promise a lot but you do not really know how they may think.

Professional - financial

Difficulty in clearly approaching your goals can cause misinterpretations and wrong moves. Your intuition is strong and you are called to take advantage of it to move in the right direction. Otherwise, avoid crucial professional decisions that will cause you problems. 

The ambiguity that exists in the common goals with your partner charges the atmosphere between you. Indulge in passion and do not pursue important discussions that will not have a clear goal and destination. If you are single, there may be a new acquaintance through friendly groups that will seem ideal, but it will not be.


Giving up, it is necessary to think about what you want to achieve on a social level, as it is not easy for you to see clearly what image you want others to have of you and what it really stands for. Try not to get involved in discussions that you will probably get away with due to strong emotions.

Professional - financial

The responsibilities you have taken on worry you and you do not leave room for yourself to see objectively how you should proceed. Pay attention to suggestions that may exist and look great but hide elements that may later disappoint you.

Many professional obligations trouble your partner and he may feel that you are not giving the required time. Do not allow suspicions when you should not. If you are unattached you will hardly be left to a person who interests you as it is easy to get lost in thoughts and obligations.


Cancer, your pleasant mood will help you overcome any difficulties that arise during the day as you create the conditions to meet people from the wider family and friendly environment who especially thank you. You will do well to avoid possible tensions by defending your views.

Professional - financial

People in a friendly environment are likely to approach you with very interesting suggestions. You have the opportunity to decide in which direction you want to move as this will give you many opportunities to take advantage of new professional proposals that will benefit you greatly and financially.

You are given the opportunity to have a unique time with your partner, make sure you take advantage of it and leave the obsessions aside because they will negatively affect your relationships. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new crucial acquaintance that comes from the friendly environment and will play a transformative role in your personal life.


Leo, stress and insecurities can negatively affect your psychology as management is difficult. You should be careful in conversations with friendly people as it is easy to express suspicion and lose your temper by creating problems.

Professional - financial

Make the most of professional proposals that you can have as they will work transformatively in work and everyday life. The promises are many and if you really try to give your best you can have important developments in your career.

Focus on the passion and sensuality that you can experience in your relationship and stay away from what can create tensions that are unnecessary. If you are single, it is possible for a new acquaintance to emerge that will cause you a strong heartbeat, but the difficulty in communication does not leave room for a positive development.


Virgo, you turn your attention to relationships with people around you as you seek to resolve potential issues that have created disharmony. Communication will not be easy so make sure you are clear and calm in what you have to say.

Professional - financial

The initiatives he can take in relation to your collaborations can create tension but it is certain that you do not have competitive intentions, something that can be charged. Be careful as you think other things and say other things and this will negatively affect any communication.

This is not the right day for important discussions in your relationship as it will not be difficult to get away and cause tensions that will not help the path you want to set with your partner. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance that will attract attention, you will do well to control the nervousness that leaves no room to express what you feel.


Libra, everyday life is at the center of interest as you have taken on many responsibilities and this dramatically increases stress. Take care to release the tension through exercise or some kind of exercise that can help you balance and calmly look at the issues that interest you.

Professional - financial

The many responsibilities at work level do not leave room to see objectively what the appropriate solutions are. Take advantage of possible ideas that are original and can get you out of the impasse and avoid important discussions with colleagues that will end in controversy.

Passion and tension dominate your relationship, giving you the opportunity to experience unique moments with the person you feel has changed you radically in your life. If you are unattached, you are given the opportunity to meet a person through the work environment that may distract you, but irritation and communication mistakes will be an obstacle in which development.


Scorpio, you have the opportunity to have a good time and create the right scene of fun and joy that you dream of for yourself and your company. Persistence in your views and the suspicion that is strengthened may lead to conflicts spoiling the beautiful atmosphere and the relaxed moments.

Professional - financial

The collaborations that are in the center of interest as it is not excluded to have a particularly positive turn and excellent results in financial level. Your intuition is infallible and guides you perfectly, showing you a new path that will take you off professionally and will offer you a lot.

The desire and excitement you feel for your partner will lead to you spending time alone with him as long as you limit the tensions that are not difficult to arise. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance that will magnetize you, make sure you keep your nerves for continuity.


Sagittarius, the family comes to the center of interest as you are likely to be preoccupied with issues within it that will make you moody and nervous. Beware of discussions that will affect your relationships and will not lead to the desired result.

Professional - financial

The day is ideal to launch developments at work that give you the opportunity to have significant financial benefits that will help you breathe. Your dynamism, diligence and quick perception are what will help you stand out.

Romance can dominate your relationship as long as you do not allow irritability to appear and intensify possible conversations with your partner. If you are single, it will be difficult to let go of new acquaintances as introversion and emotional ups and downs do not allow you to.


Capricorn, communication with people close to you works as a relief as you find the opportunity to escape from the possible problems you face and spend relaxing moments with them. Watch out in the afternoon because misunderstandings can easily arise and create tensions.

Professional - financial

Tension can prevail in the morning in trade deals that may interest you as you claim the best of them. Pay attention to discussions that may be necessary but need calm and prudence to do the best for you.

Optimism dominates your personal life and gives a breath of fresh air. Sensuality and passion strengthen the bond you have with the person next to you. If you are single, the new acquaintance can be with a person from a different culture or from abroad who will fill you with positive emotions and anticipation for the future. 


Aquarius, financial issues can enhance the insecurity that manifests itself across the spectrum of your relationships. Dedicate yourself to having a good time and enjoying the small joys of life without tensions and disputes that leave no room for relaxing moments.

Professional - financial

The need to secure a better income can also lead to discussions that are endless and will not bring the best possible results. On the contrary, they will create conflicts with unpredictable consequences. Use the day to close outstanding issues leaving the current issues for tomorrow.

Stay away from important discussions that will not develop in the way you would like and make sure to positively surprise your partner by renewing the relationship. If you are unattached, introversion and fears can affect your behavior with a new acquaintance, creating obstacles to its development.


Pisces, can you easily express what you feel but are you clear and realistic? This is what you are looking for today as you can easily get confused and confuse those around you. Be careful not to get involved in important discussions that will lead nowhere.

Professional - financial

Take the time you need to look at business matters that you need to sort out. Beware of science fiction scenarios that will lead you to the wrong choices and will not allow you to see objectively what is covering you in your career.

You will do well to limit possible tension that leaves no room for you to deal with reasonably possible issues in your relationship. If you are single, a new acquaintance may come up that will excite you, but it is a fact that you do not really know what you want and you can give the wrong messages.

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