The astrological predictions of Saturday, April 29, 2023

The Mars sextile with Uranus is a positive aspect, it will help boost self-confidence and potential. There will be a need for liberated and spontaneous actions, the events will help to differentiate the negative conditions whether they have to do with professional partnerships or personal relationships. Approaches will be spontaneous, the need for renewal will give impetus to relationships and contacts, there will be pleasant encounters that will boost morale.



Krie, the morning creates the conditions for important discussions in the workplace. The afternoon strengthens suspicion and insecurities regarding your social image.

Professional - financial 

Take advantage of the opportunities that will be given to you to discuss work issues. At the same time, however, do not allow anything that frightens you to dominate and create problems in the professional environment. You find solutions and that is what makes you stand out in your career.

Try to overcome fears that can affect your personal life by creating problems in your relationship. If you are single, the suspicion and doubts that play a negative role in a possible new acquaintance, try to limit them.


Taurus, today it is not excluded that new acquaintances will emerge that will work in a renaissance way for you. You focus on professional obligations that can stress you out a lot.

Professional - financial

Tension can prevail on a professional level, obligations increase and this can create stress and insecurity. You should be careful with your superiors as there is a possibility of conflicts that will create problems in your relationship. 

Communication on a personal level can bring to the surface the deepest emotions attention to the intense jealousy that will create problems in the relationship. If you are single / new people are coming in from a friendly environment, obsessive behaviors can create tensions.


Gathering, today is not ruled out to bring to the surface financial issues behind-the-scenes behaviors that will bother you. The afternoon dramatically increases the need for fun and flirting.

Professional - financial

You should pay attention to financial matters that may concern you intensely as it is possible that there are people who try to direct you in the way that suits them. The tensions will be certain if you do not try to think calmly and logically.

It is necessary to show that insecurities can not spoil the atmosphere in your relationship as this will help you to overcome possible tensions between you. If you are single / the new acquaintance comes through the wider environment, strong feelings are aroused in you that should be attempted.


Cancer, in the morning can create the ideal context for important commercial discussions. The afternoon strengthens suspicion and the need to control important relationships in your life.

Professional - financial

The suspicion that may exist regarding partners and professional moves that you want to make will significantly affect your personal development. Seize opportunities for new agreements in trade and communication.

Be careful as you want to impose opinions and behaviors on your partner due to your insecurities. Avoid it because it will create an explosive atmosphere. If you are single, the new acquaintance can come into your personal life to transform you on all levels.


Leo, the day gives you the opportunity to discuss in favorable terms financial issues that interest you. The afternoon can be stressful on a daily and working basis. 

Professional - financial

You can move highly intuitively in the workplace as this will help you get rid of nervousness and easily realize what the best solutions you can have. Discussions will be important that can lead to tremendous financial benefits for you.

Your worries increase due to work obligations but should not affect your relationship. Try not to create extra problems. If you are unattached from the workplace there may be a new person who will try to impose his presence in your life.


Virgo, the day helps you to easily express emotions, especially in your personal life. In the afternoon, the passion and the senses take off, enjoying unique moments with your partner.

Professional - financial

Your optimism and generosity will play an important role in order to have the necessary balance in the collaborations. Magnificent plans may excite you, but you must be completely realistic about every effort you make.

You can experience unique moments with the person you have by your side as long as you leave aside possible doubts that can create tensions. If you are single, the new person can come into your life creating the conditions for renaissance changes in love.


Libra, the morning helps you to express all that has been bothering you for a long time in people of his family environment. The afternoon strengthens the tension in the family and the need for structural changes.

Professional - financial

Try to close outstanding real estate issues as it is important to take advantage of potential opportunities. Beware of insecurities and suspicions that will bother you intensely and upset potential agreements.

Expressing the deepest feelings you have in your partner you can easily understand how he feels and what he really wants from you. If you are single, a lack of trust can create significant problems in a possible new acquaintance.


Scorpio, the day creates the conditions for important discussions with people from a friendly environment. The afternoon helps you to penetrate the thoughts of others to realize how they really feel.

Professional - financial

Agreements on trade issues that are of great concern to you at this time may be important. Try to seize opportunities as they are very likely to yield significant benefits financially as well.

Deeper discussions will play an important role in clearing up misunderstandings in your personal life. If you are unattached through your friends, an acquaintance can emerge that will help you to express deeper feelings and thoughts.


Sagittarius, the morning creates the best possible conditions for important discussions in the professional environment. The afternoon may bring to the surface fears and insecurities that afflict you.

Professional - financial

Important issues can be discussed in your professional home as financial matters come to the fore that concern you intensely. Try to take advantage of possible opportunities as conditions are favorable to increase your income.

Try to overcome insecurities and lack of self-confidence that negatively affect your personal life. If you are single, it is not easy to trust a new person coming into your life and this can lead to intense suspicion and jerky movements. 


Capricorn, the morning gives you the opportunity to deal with spiritual and educational issues that interest you intensely. The afternoon can lead to aggressive behaviors that will bother you.

Professional - financial

Take advantage of possible opportunities that come in your professional life as they help you plan future affairs in the best possible way. Be careful as the need for control and handling can create tensions with your partners.

It is important to allow yourself to express all that you feel away from the constraints and suspicions that will affect your relationship. If you are single, a new acquaintance can come into your life and change your view of relationships.


Aquarius, the morning helps you to solve financial situations that have been bothering you for a long time. The afternoon can reinforce insecurities and traumas of the past that still plague you.

Professional - financial

Try to sort out issues that are pending and that are likely to cause you stress by trusting your intuition completely. Favorable conditions for financial agreements that have not been easy to close lately, but now conditions have changed.

Passion and tenderness can take off your personal life and help you get rid of everything that hurts you. If you are single, people from the past who have stigmatized your life return and claim a place next to you.


Pisces, the need to feel stability and security in your life prevails and you can manifest this directly in people in the family environment who can understand you. Be sure that talking to them will fill you with joy and delight. 

Professional - financial

Take advantage of this situation to provide solutions to financial issues that may bother you. You have the opportunity to talk to people from the professional environment who you can bring to your waters and they clearly understand what is what satisfies you and you want to succeed.

You have the opportunity to clarify possible issues with your partner and to be left to the passion and sensuality that will create the best possible setting in your relationship. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new person who will distract you with the realistic thinking and strong emotions that he manifests.

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