The astrological predictions of Saturday, November 5, 2022

The Moon makes its appearance in Aries, the characteristics will be spontaneity, the need for dynamic and liberated actions. There will be an opening for new acquaintances and social contacts, the approaches will be attractive, spontaneous and direct. In the emotional sector, there will be the possibility for a new beginning, there will be no shortage of interactions that will cause excitement and upheaval.


Love relationships can be exciting. A profound discovery about yourself may also occur with Venus in your solar 8th house these days. Today Venus opposes Uranus and there may be a worry. The menu of the day may also have a positive twist or you may experience new desires and interests. Look for ways to break free from the compulsive behavior that prevents you from thriving and aim to listen to your heart instead of reacting and rebelling.

With Venus in your opposite sign these days you often compromise with others, but you enjoy it. Today you may be torn between your need for companionship and your desire for independence. On the one hand you might want to discuss or get someone's opinion and on the other hand you want to follow your own path. There can be some emotional impulsiveness to get things done with Venus opposite Uranus, which can have mixed results if you react from acting with your heart.

For better results aim to be flexible towards changes, especially in your daily affairs or work. Although today is a great day to renew your needs, getting to this point may take some trial and error. You don't easily accept that some people or situations can pin you down and you might feel trapped today. While you might be tempted to throw something away or get rid of a situation, it's best to wait for things to clear up before making any major decisions.

Emotions can be up and down today with a Venus-Uranus opposition sending us a little out of control. In fact volatile energies on a social level can help you release some creative energy. You may have to deal with some who seem to be doing their own thing without paying much attention to your feelings.

Demonstrations or reactions are possible with Venus opposing Uranus today. This transit pulls you in two completely different ways, one towards comfort and cooperation and the other towards independence and freedom of expression. Changes now can have a way of meeting unacknowledged needs. It is possible that today you feel a worry.

Incoming news can push you in a new direction or you may gain a perspective that opens up new worlds for you and there may be surprises. A Venus – Uranus opposition today can stir up all kinds of emotions. There is also a tendency to clash with others over opinions and ideas. If you're feeling stuck or stagnant in your studies or relationships, you'll want to do something to change that now. You may need to go through a mini-rebirth in these areas to keep things warm or to help unleash some creativity.

Your entrepreneurial spirit is strong and it's relatively easy to get upset about possessions, money, comfort or any mess involving these things with Venus opposing Uranus today, so aim to be open to positive change and improvements and avoid sudden movements. It is a period when you may discover new methods or things that excite you but it is best not to do it too quickly. Make room for your intuition to fully engage.

A Venus-Uranus opposition complicates things a bit. With Venus in your sign these days you may be looking for closeness, but today others seem unreliable or unavailable. Maybe someone important to you is reactive or rebellious when you prefer to keep things on a low-key level. Avoid jumping to conclusions. There may also be an unusual attraction or desire that comes on suddenly.

Your day's actions create a need for more freedom and space, with Venus opposite Uranus. Changes to your schedule may cause a little chaos, but valuable new directions or methods may emerge from the disruptions. You may feel quite comfortable in a situation, but if you've been escaping rather than just resting, today's transits may stress you out


Although this is a generally pleasant time with friends, you feel a little uncertain about your future. A person or connection that is more creative or unusual can be powerful now. You are less tolerant of situations or people who seem to limit you with today's opposition between Venus and Uranus. You may experience distractions or mood swings.

The Moon spends the day in your communication sector sparking your curiosity. Although you are not particularly focused, it is a good time to open up to new ideas. Today's Venus opposition to Uranus reminds you of the need to change areas of your life that have become too predictable. A progressive and innovative approach is required at this time, but you should not be pressured. Aim to be flexible, especially since changes in plans or the unpredictable behavior of others may come into play now.

You are not so tolerant of the boring elements of your life today and the routine can suffocate you. A Venus – Uranus opposition can cause strong and perhaps rebellious feelings and at the root of this is a need for more growth or progress. You feel your patience running out and there is a tendency to withdraw from situations that are too restrictive. Changes can bring fresh air into your life and lead you to new interests.