Three zodiac signs will be favored in their love affairs in November but some will be very stressed

November is approaching and astrologically it will be a month that will bring some positive developments in some zodiac signs, but most of them will probably be strained, especially some days of the next month.


The first… forces

The New Moon, in the sign of Scorpio, on 4/11, is in opposition to the planet of the unexpected, Uranus and in a distant square with Saturn, it is a sign of difficulties and it happens again in the signs of the Fixed Cross, which represent our fixed values . So what we took for granted until now will be questioned, will pass through filtering and will cease to exist in our lives, if it does not fit into our worldview. Thus, through challenges and upheavals, a new chapter will be opened, for the representatives of the Fixed Cross, (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), mainly of the second ten days, where the planet Uranus is located.

On the other hand, Saturn (arranges) and consolidates what the planet of the unexpected Uranus leaves in its path, activating the change of our life, with new faces, new conditions, new ideas and why not, a different approach to things, why we move on to a general change, inside us but also outside our own microcosm.    

Those who are favored

According to the astrologer Alexandra Karta, continuing our wandering in the month of (mystery), due to the birthday of Scorpio, we will see Aphrodite change sign on 6/11, entering the sign of Capricorn, where she will keep this new position, until March 6, 2022 !!!. With a retrograde and correct course, the planet of love, relationships and beauty, will spend four months, in an earth sign, where the most favored in their relationships, will be the Earth signs, (Taurus, Virgo and of course Capricorn). So in these signs, if you have your horoscope, or your Moon, you will have an improvement in your personal life.

Also, the movement of Mercury in the sign of Scorpio, during the month (from 6 to 24 November), brings deep thought and penetration into events that occur. Communication now needs proof and substance and is not enough to look at the skin of a situation.  

On the 10th to the 14th of November, a very intense energy is created, where Mercury and Mars create the appearance of a meeting between them, in the sign of Scorpio and at the same time Square with Saturn. Difficult days, where events can unfold even shortly before the dates I have given.

Also on 14/11, Hermes, in contrast to Uranus, creates a difficult passage where the tendency for accidents is very strong, as well as in words, separations and financial difficulties, which the representatives of the Fixed Cross must pay attention to again, without This means that it does not apply to all the signs, because this planet (intensity), takes place at some point in your horoscope and hits a negative part of you. This applies to every astrological phenomenon and it is good to know something more about your personal horoscope, but also about the positions of your planets in it, in order to have a clearer picture, with the trends of your own horoscope.

On 15 and 16/11, there will be a very helpful moment for everyone, but later on November 19, we have a Full Moon, with an eclipse, at 27 degrees of Taurus, which will take place in the third ten days of the zodiac sign. This Full Moon, which combines an eclipse, will be affected by good and bad aspects, but the charged energy planetary field will not take care of a further immediate calm.

On November 22, the passage of the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius, quite relieves this period and creates again more favorable conditions, because the variability of Sagittarius, creates a relaxation of situations.   

The opposition of the Sun with the North Link, brings a period of new acquaintances, important cooperatives, agreements and help that comes through the legal path. This applies to the variable Cross (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces), of the first five days.  

On 24/11, also a very good day, with Mercury moving to Sagittarius, it puts the positive side in communication.

On 27/11, we have Saturn forming a positive face with the asteroid Chiron, where this calm alliance closes the old wounds, time takes care of us, makes us wiser and opens a healthy future for us. Especially you who have planets, horoscope, Sun and Moon at 7-8 - 9 degrees of Libra, Aries, Aquarius and Leo, will leave behind the old, will be filled with faith for the future and will proceed to new professional and personal claims.

The month will end on 30/11, with a positive triangle (Mars in the sign of Scorpio - Poseidon, in the sign of Pisces), where it will make our wishes come true and will give us hope for a better future.