Everything you need to know about "Baby Dowry" - How to apply

A total of 2118 families benefited

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A total of 2118 families benefited from 2018 until July 31, 2021 from the "Baby Dowry".

This project started in December 2017 with funding from the European Union (European Aid Fund for the Poor) and the Republic of Cyprus and after its value was recognized, it has been included in the proposed Projects to be promoted for co-financing by the Cohesion Policy Funds. of the EU during the new programming period 2021-2027.

The "Baby Dowry" aims at the well-being of children, as on the one hand it contributes to the coverage of basic needs immediately after birth and on the other hand it strengthens the social integration and the reduction of the risk of social exclusion of the beneficiary families.

Data per year

According to the data provided by Offsite, the numbers per year do not show significant changes.

Specifically, in 2018, 600 families benefited, in 2019, 550 families received the "Baby Dowry", in 2020, a total of 568 families received what is included in the package, while from January 1, 2021 until July 31 of the same year, 400 families benefited.

Out of the total of 2118 families, 837 recipients of the package were Cypriots while 1281 were immigrants / foreigners.

Who are the beneficiaries?

Beneficiaries are families with a child / children born / born from 1 January 2017 or will be born until the end of the Plan (31/12/2023) and who are:

(A) Beneficiaries of Minimum Guaranteed Income or

(B) Recipients of Public Aid or

(C) Families facing serious material deprivation problems. The evaluation will be based on a relevant report of a competent Social Services Officer.

What does the "Baby Dowry" include?

The "Baby Dowry" package includes basic consumer goods, such as equipment, linen, baby diapers and personal hygiene and baby care items, with a total value of € 1.649.

In fact, in the application the beneficiary is asked to fill in what is needed from the following list:

proika mwrou applications, procedure, documents, baby dowry

In the meantime, Baby Diapers are given in 3 phases as follows:

1st phase: The 1st phase covers infants from 0-6 months

-> 3 - 6 kg (20 packs of baby sails)

-> 4 - 9 kg (40 packs of baby sails)

2st phase: The 2st phase covers infants from 6-12 months

-> 9 - 20 kg (40 packs of baby sails)

3st phase: The 3rd phase covers infants from 6 -12 months

-> 11 - 25 kg (40 packs of baby sails)

When do the beneficiaries receive the package?

Speaking to an offsite source, he explained that in order for an application to be accepted, a medical certificate must be presented stating the expected date of birth, which can usually be given in the 6th to 7th month of pregnancy.

The package is delivered immediately after the birth of the child and provided that the applicant has attended the accompanying measures, which include lectures to enhance parenting skills, networking with other services but also information and other government projects from which the family could to help individually.

The time for the family to receive the package is 2-3 months from the date of application.

The process

Interested parties are invited to obtain a relevant application from:

Provincial Social Services Offices
Website of Social Welfare Services
Social Security Website

Required Documents that must be attached to the Declaration according to the application are:

Copies of identity / ARC of members of the beneficiary families)
In case of expected delivery, original certificate and / or certified copy of certificate from a specialist gynecologist for expected delivery date. (In case of multiple pregnancies (eg twins, triplets), indicate on the certificate the number of children who are pregnant)
In case of childbirth (from 1.1.2017 onwards), a copy of the child / child birth certificate.
In addition, applications may be submitted in full at the local offices of the Social Welfare Services, as specified in the application forms.

The application clarifies that in case of false declaration and / or provision of misleading information or due to change of the facts mentioned in the Declaration, the Social Welfare Services may set conditions and / or suspend the supply of goods.

View here the application for the "Baby Dowry"