Easter bloating: How to eliminate it with 4 easy movements

Easter bloating: After eating and drinking on Easter Sunday, comes bloating. Many continue to eat in the following days, with

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Easter inflation: After the food and drink on Easter Sunday, the inflation. Many continue to eat in the following days, as a result of which the gin presses on the stomach.

Easter inflation: 4 changes that will help you come back

If it is the classic bloating from the many and heavy foods, the situation is easily corrected without much effort. You do not need a strict diet. A little order is needed, more meals and a reasonable restriction on sugar and fat. Here are four things you can do to help your body recover from the holidays.

1) Small and frequent meals

The body must not starve. Small and frequent meals help maintain glucose levels at normal levels.

2) Snacks are important

Fruits and vegetables should not be missing from your diet. A good alternative is to make a smoothie by putting your favorite fruits in a blender with a little milk. You can also make sticks from cucumbers and carrots, along with some yogurt or spread cheese. There are also nuts.

3) Reduce alcohol and sweets

You need to stay away from too much sugar and alcohol. Instead of pastes and profiteroles, you can choose dark chocolate. Similarly, choose a glass of wine if you want to drink alcohol.

4) Sports

Now that the weather is especially open, is that you have to go for a walk or a little run. Of course, do not forget to hydrate your body by drinking water.