These 4 signs are in great favor during the Holiday season

Christmas and New Year are approaching and according to astrologers the festive period will be particularly favorable for 4 lucky signs.

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According to, 4 are the zodiac signs that will have more favor during the holiday season. So if your Sun (sign), Ascendant, or Moon is in any of these signs you'll have luck on your side this holiday season.

If you still don't represent one of these signs, don't be disappointed. Life, fortune, the astrological chart are circles that are constantly turning.


Half of the Solar system is preparing to welcome the spectacular new Moon on December 23, 2022, where the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto will be in your sign, preparing to wish you a happy birthday and the holidays. You will finally feel safe and stronger after so much toil, tension and suffering once the winter solstice marks the start of winter on December 21, 2022, but that is not the only good thing to come. After December 20th Jupiter will move into Aries in your 4th Solar house, which is related to home and family and in this sector will give favor and luck. Family support will be hands-on, so if you need the means to make a dream come true, your loved ones may help with their support or a significant gift. Uranus, ruler of the unexpected, will illuminate Mercury, Venus and the 5th house. The surprises will be many and all pleasant. Everything will focus on romance, love, creativity and happiness through children. It may be the most loving Christmas and birthday you've had in years with so many planets in your sign. Choose something stylish to wear, because you will be the center of attraction at any gathering. If you are single you should definitely go out and not refuse any invitation. You will be particularly charming and you may find the most important love of your life. A date that can take your breath away will be December 28, 2022, when Neptune in Pisces will tempt Venus in Capricorn and give you one of the most sensual nights of the month. Don't miss this appointment! You have been through difficult situations that may have pushed you to your limits, but you will now feel more protected and believe that your inner strength is not going to leave you exposed when life gets challenging. This is the year you may want to get rid of too much stress and take on fewer obligations, so try to ground that inner voice. Take a break over the holidays, and when Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on December 29, you'll have a chance to take stock and decide what's worth continuing and what you'll leave behind for the new year.


The beauty of the holiday season will seem even more magical to you when Capricorn season arrives. Your ruler Mercury has already visited the sign of Capricorn and may bring you positive comments about some of your creative work that left the best impressions. Once Jupiter leaves Pisces on December 20, 2022 it will move into Aries and your 8th Solar house. You may be one of the few zodiac signs that won't be too concerned about the finances and spending of the holidays. Money will flow to you and it can come from various sources. On December 23, 2022 you will experience an amazing New Moon that will illuminate your 5th house of love, children, art and creativity. If you're hoping to get into a serious relationship, hang around more after the New Moon and you won't miss out. In this house, i.e. the 5th, you will have the Sun that brings joy together with the Moon that gives emotion, Venus that brings love, Mercury that encourages communication and travel, Pluto that brings power and wealth. This energy will become an inspiration to fully savor the magic that this time of year hides. You can enjoy a long journey with Uranus as your ally. Don't let insecurities stop you, don't miss out on the fun, just welcome it with an open heart. If you wanted a child you may now have good news. Towards the end of the year, despite the fact that Mercury will turn retrograde in your 5th house, its energy will create many opportunities in your life, perhaps bringing up an old flame to spend the New Year together. On the eve plan something romantic and special, even if it's a dinner for two. You have all the cosmic help on your side this month in career, money, love, children and creation. Play your cards right to win!


This year's holidays bring beautiful and tender moments and will positively charge you, making you forget the tiredness and discomfort you felt recently. Jupiter completes its cycle in your sign, which happens every 12 years, and in leaving it has left its parting gift, an opportunity to make your life better. After all, then going to the sign of Aries, i.e. your 2nd Solar house, it will upgrade your finances, which is always pleasant and welcome. Of course, lately its course has been retrograde and you have probably felt a slowdown in your energy and in the conditions of everyday life, you may also have realized something important or learned something that you did not know. But somehow this will help you to arrange your inner world or put some things in order. You can thus devote yourself to the things that fill you and have people by your side who support and love you. Since 10/12/2022 when Venus moved into your friendly Capricorn, you start getting into a more festive mood with invitations and plans for the holidays that will make you happy and full of energy. And best of all, you won't have that tendency to make sure everyone else has a good time, you'll want to have a great time yourself by letting yourself shine. The New Moon in Capricorn on December 23, 2022 will be highly supportive for you, bringing five celestial bodies into your 11th house of goals, desires and friends. Surely these holidays will be anything but lonely and there will be new people entering your life. Singles can take advantage of the Uranus-Venus trine on 22/12/2022 for a charming new acquaintance that will bring excitement to your life. On December 28, 2022, Venus in Capricorn and your sign ruler Neptune will create a breathtakingly magical and promising evening. Committed and uncommitted, don't miss this opportunity. The Moon will be in Pisces hugging Neptune with the blessings of Jupiter and this means that it cannot be happier and more romantic. This season will enable you to get in touch with yourself and your desires in the most honest way, and to celebrate with people your mind and heart wholeheartedly life. This is your moment to be happy, don't let it pass you by.


It's your moment to shine. The holidays awaken the child in you. You tend to come alive to the idea and magic of this time. Decorated streets and board game marathons mean Christmas and you love it. If they are even accompanied by a trip with friends, you really hear the melody of happiness playing in the background. The Sun is in Sagittarius in the run-up to the holidays, which explains why this time of year is always characterized by a sense of generosity, adventure and a quest for the carefree. Of course, life wasn't all carefree for you in the past. With Mars in your 7th Solar house you may experience problems in relationships, marriage or partnerships. But Uranus, the planet of surprise, will make favorable aspects to Mercury and Venus on December 22, 2022, suggesting something positive in those areas or some money you'll receive from work, such as a generous windfall bonus. The New Moon of December 23, 2022 puts an unusually strong emphasis on money and appears to be particularly positive. You will have a polyastry in the 2nd house of income and acquisitions, with the New Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto congregating there. Somehow you seem to be the recipient of money you didn't expect, or a major purchase, a gift that may come from your family, or finding an ideal property, because all the planets are in Capricorn which is about structures, family and stable values. Don't miss the fairytale date on 28/12/2022, your ruler Jupiter together with Venus and Neptune will give you the opportunity to fall in love or fall in love again with your partner and find the magic again if you have lost it. This season remember to pick your battles and pivot when things don't go exactly as planned. Because Mars is retrograde, your passion will be intense and the road will not be paved with rose petals. So try to be prudent before doing anything hastily. It will be a hectic month, but full of opportunities. These will truly be the festivities you will remember for a long time, filled with all kinds of colorful fireworks.