PAOK eliminated AEK with goals in the 95th and 97th minute and passed to the "4" of the cup

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The 0-0 of Toumba left everything open for the rematch between AEK and PAOK in OAKA. A rematch that everything showed that it would go to extra time, since the game was very poor quality. In the 83rd minute, however, Simoes found the net and the goal counted this time, after two of Mitoglou had been correctly canceled earlier, with the Union being a breath away from the qualifying victory, until the delays and the goals of Kurtic came. and Mitritsa to come up and down and qualify the Thessalonians!

The game started with the black and whites taking possession of the ball and pushing from the first minutes aiming for a quick goal. However, they believed that the yellow and blacks put it in the 15th minute, when Amrabat committed a foul and Mitoglou made a move and sent the ball into the net from close range. Goal that was finally canceled for offside, in a very marginal phase.

Anyway, the match continued with 0-0, which did not change until the end of the half. Which is considered normal, since after 20 minutes the pace of the game was not good at all. Both teams made several mistakes, they could not create opportunities and finally if we exclude Mitoglou's goal that was canceled, the only phase of the first 45 minutes was the penalty that they asked for - and did not get, after the VAR examination - Thessaloniki for a phase with Javelin and Crespo.

Bad, in short, the first half and things did not improve in the second… To be precise, it was a faithful copy of the first, since we again had a goal by AEK that was canceled. And it was Mitoglou again! The Union defender sent the ball into the net at 58 ′, after a long phase, but was again in an offside position and so the 0-0 remained.

From there on, a few things… PAOK was more mobile after the changes made by Razvan Lucescu but nothing impressive and everything showed that the game would go to extra time, until the 83rd minute came: Garcia moves from the right and turns for Simoes, who from the height of the area defeated Paschalakis for 1-0.

And while the AEK players were ready to celebrate the qualification, it finally went to PAOK! And he went to PAOK because in the 95th minute, Kurtic with an incredible place sent the ball to the crossbar for 1-1!

The Thessalonians went crazy, the yellow and blacks were disappointed and in 97 Μι Mitritsa with individual energy and place also found nets for 1-2, with the black and whites celebrating an epic qualification to the "4" of the cup!

AEK: Tsintotas, Rota (90 ′ Michelin), Mitoglou, Tzavellas, Hadjisafi, Simanski, Simoes, Amrabat (93 ′ Ansarifard), Chuber, Garcia, Araούjo (90 ′ Le Talec).

PAOK: Paschalakis, Lyratzis (63 ′ Sastre), Crespo, Ingason, Siddklay (92 ′ Murg), Tsingaras (63 ′ Mitritsa), Kurtic, Augusto, Zivkovic (82 ′ Vierinia), Akspov, M.

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