Nikolakis in Survivor goes… Avgorou

a3 Survivor, Theater, Nea Famagusta, Nikolakis

The children's stage Doros Kyriakidis faithful for thirty-two years with respect to the child and the family presents its new production "Nikolakis in Survivor".

Sunday, November 19 at 3:15 pm at the Multipurpose Center of Avgoros with general admission only € 3 (50% discount compared to the normal price).

The show is organized by the Parents' Associations of Pre-Primary Education of Avgoros and all proceeds will be donated to support the funds of the Associations.

a5 Survivor, Theater, Nea Famagusta, Nikolakis

A production that does not have to envy the productions abroad!

Seven actors and two dancers come to offer laughter, action and spectacle to young and old.

Three Fighters and three Celebrities enter the struggle for survival through comic situations in the first Cypriot theatrical Survivor! Who will manage to be the big winner in the end?

a4 Survivor, Theater, Nea Famagusta, Nikolakis

The whole development of the game is guided by the children - spectators who will participate during the show.

Through this interactive show, the children will receive many messages of friendship, teamwork, together strength and good fighting. We must all accept both victory and defeat. Effort counts.

a2 Survivor, Theater, Nea Famagusta, Nikolakis

Text: Costa Schiniou
Direction / Lyrics: Dorou Kyriakidis
Choreography: Angelas Georgiou.
Music selections: Andreas Athanassiou.
Scenes: Vignona print.
Hairstyles: Vicky Efstathiou
Poster Design: Christodoulos Megalemos
Costumes: Anna Georgiou
Public Relations Officer: Christina Terezopoulou.
Lighting / Stage Manager: Sonay Yildiz.
Cast: Doros Kyriakidis - Costas Schiniou (Nikolakis) - Maria Savva - Dimitris Hatzipavlou - Stefani Toka - Maria Mesariti and Christos Chrysanthou (All professional actors)!
Dancers: Rodo Hatziloizou - Konstantina Messiou.

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