Famagusta Province: We tried and recommend 10 favorite taverns with quality meze

We explore ten favorite taverns in Paralimni, Protaras, Ayia Napa, Deryneia and Liopetri with good food and music!

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The province of Famagusta is famous for its nice taverns with quality meze and nice music that combine good service in a beautiful environment. The Famagusta.News team visited and tried ten taverns in Paralimni, Protaras, Ayia Napa and Deryneia and recommends them to you... unreservedly!

Ttapis, Paralimni

It is impossible that you have not heard about the famous tavern of Ttappi. Especially known for its rich meze, which is all deliciousness, starting with warm bread, excellent cold appetizers, halloumi, very good souvlaki of bacon and lunza, emphasis on fresh ingredients, generous portions, well-cooked souvlaki and all kinds of meat. After all, it is not without reason that it is one of the most popular taverns on the island. You can also choose a fish meze or if you go every day you can also choose a portioned dish. Weekend booking required.

Mon-Sun 17.30-24.00, Stadiou 92, Paralimni, Tel. 23821959

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Ropas, Paralimni

Atmospheric tavern with character and a lovely courtyard in the summer. The Ropa family tavern welcomes friends of good, homemade Cypriot cuisine, with an emphasis on quality, taste and service. If you like Cypriot and Mediterranean cuisine, you must visit Taverna Ropa in Paralimni. Here you will enjoy traditional foods that will give a different feeling to your evenings. The combination of fine meats, family atmosphere and affordable prices takes your dining experience to another level!

Mon-Sat 18:00-23:00, Stadiou 63, Paralimni, Phone: 23820025

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Moonlight, Liopetri

Fengarognema knows how to serve fine Cypriot delicacies as well as fresh fish and squid caught from its own boat. The idea of ​​Fengarognema starts from the owners' love for good food. This love became inspiration, inspiration led to creation and thus it was "born" in 2008 turning the traditional courtyard of Takka into a tavern with a simple philosophy and traditional Cypriot delicacies. All the raw materials and ingredients used in the kitchen are 100% local from small producers in the area and are used according to their seasonality giving an extra touch of taste and deliciousness. There, her people will make sure, from the moment you take your seat, to bring you the most delicious, traditional and fresh food prepared by the kitchen. After all, it is no coincidence that in addition to being well-known, it is also particularly loved by locals and visitors for the quality of its food and its impeccable service. You can enjoy the wonderful food by combining it with folk music and not only shows which it hosts every Thursday but also some Fridays with guest artists.

Mon-Sat 18:00-23:00, Michali Karaoli 5, Liopetri, Tel. 99491815

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Avra, Ayia Napa

The beautifully decorated space, with stone and wood, large arches and clay jars, combined with its authentic, Cypriot food, create an irresistible 'aura'. Here you will enjoy appetizers or stews, such as afelia and kleftiko. Before you go find out if there is live Greek music, it will take off your night.

Mon-Sun 12.30-24.00, Address: 2 Leoforos Nisi, Tel. 23722208


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Belfry, Deryneia

In the square of the Panagia church in Deryneia, it is housed «Belfry». This unique tavern with the updated version of the traditional tavern, keeps and combines Cypriot flavors, quality and culture. The idea was born in the aftermath of the pandemic and the Belfry it now counts three years of operation!During these years it managed to win the love of the world, as well as two very important awards in the Best Cyprus Foods Award as the first rising tavern in the public's preferences in search engines. The chef and owner of the tavern puts all his passion, inspiration and experience to give the public the freshest, special, quality and delicious! So here you will enjoy delicious meals in the upcoming years, while exquisite seasonal in the upcoming years, while Lenten appetizers, all made with the best raw materials. On Fridays and Saturdays, Campanarko is transformed, wanting to give the public moments of fun through live music and a wonderful scene on stage. live music is unforgettable!

Mon-Sun 18:00-00:00, Dimokratis 32, Deryneia Tel. 23743943, 96423838

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The Souvlaki of Soukris, Protaras/Paralimni

Soukris' souvlaki is not the classic souvlaki you expect. It is an authentic, handmade souvlaki of marinated and well-cooked meat while combining a different philosophy in serving. All meats are served on parchment paper with Greek pitoula, while there are also options 'wrapped' in Greek or Cypriot pita. It is worth trying the pumpkin meatballs, the delicious cheese croquettes and the civil salad and create a variety of meats in the middle by choosing pork skewers, chicken skewers, neck steak, as well as pancetta and sausage. The above options are guaranteed to satisfy the taste of even the most demanding gourmet.
Soukris is a hangout with the flavor of Thessaloniki in the center of Paralimni, and recently opened a new shop on the main avenue of hotels in Protaras, where it is open every day from noon until late at night. And the best; You can choose your favorite food and enjoy it with dine-in, or order online for delivery or take-away!

Protaras: Protaras 66, 5296 | Tel. 23833339 | 12:00 – 00:00 (daily)
Paralimni: Protaras 46, 5288 | Tel. 23742121 | 17:00 – 23:00 (everyday, except Sunday)

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Floris, Deryneia

If you want good food and an authentic traditional experience, the roads lead to Deryneia. Right in front of the renaissance stadium in Deryneia, the traditional tavern "Floris" is housed. It is one of the most beloved taverns in Deryneia, with people preferring it without a second thought thanks to the friendly environment and, of course, the delicious food. With dishes that glorify Cypriot cuisine and grilling skills, Floris promises a highly enjoyable experience. With touches of tradition in the decor and a family atmosphere, the tavern offers refined, classic Cypriot mezes and grilled meats. Here you will find, among other things, excellent dishes of the day made from fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Mon-Sat 16:00-23:00, Stadiou, Deryneia, Tel: 23 825700

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Vangelis, Protaras

Taverna Vangelis is one of the oldest taverns in Cyprus, with a history that goes back to 1948 and a family tradition that begins at the end of the 19th century and continues to this day. On the menu you will find Cypriot appetizers, a wide variety of meats, selected seafood, but also traditional delicacies, all made with great care and love from fresh and local products of the region. Carrot meatballs, tomato and feta eggs, barley with shrimps and beef liver are some of the options you should not miss. You will find Taverna Vangelis open XNUMX hours a day in the center of Protaras. You can enjoy the impeccable hospitality and well-prepared dishes on the front terrace next to the main paved road, or more quietly on the back terrace enjoying the beauty of the landscape and the view of the sea of ​​Protaras.

Sun 15:00-23:00, Tue-Fri 12:00-23:00, Address: Protara 27, Tel. 23821456

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Pinia, Pernera, Protaras

The history of the "Pinia" restaurant begins in 1976, when Spyros Flockas opened the doors of the tavern of the same name in the neighborhoods of Paralimni for all his fellow villagers. The idea of ​​the tavern was born out of the owner's love and passion for traditional Cypriot food, made with the best fresh and quality ingredients. Very soon the reputation of the tavern spread and led in 1992 to the creation of the "Pinia" restaurant that we know today.

The people of the "Pinia" restaurant, with more than 40 years of experience, believe in the timeless values ​​that established it as one of the most successful in the province of Famagusta. So today, when the baton has been taken over by the new generation, the restaurant continues to surprise our palates, thanks to grandmother's secret recipes, good wine and the excellent quality of the raw materials.

As soon as you take a seat in its welcoming space, under the air conditioner that will bring back memories from your childhood, you will experience authentic Cypriot hospitality. The wide variety on the menu will take you on a culinary journey to every corner of the island, since rich meat mezes, fish mezes and other traditional Cypriot home-made dishes arrive on the tables, delicious and cooked as in the old days.

The moussaka, the baked spaghetti, the koupepia, the meatballs and of course the special ofto kleftiko have become popular and make us visit it again and again.

Tue-Fri 17:00-22:30, Sat 12:30-23:00, Sun 12:30-16:00, Pinias 32, Pernera, Paralimni, Tel: 23831004

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Kamasias, Paralimni

The history of the tavern begins around 1970. It started as a small cafe of the time and a small place for mezetzi friends. Always the main goal of the traditional recipes of the place to be high in the cuisine of Kamasia. There is always a wide range of dishes for good carnivores as well as for vegetarians and with the season for fish. In recent years the tavern has become a place for many people who want to have fun. Every Friday and Saturday there is a big party. Our indoor space is very warm. Decorated appropriately that leads you to the Cypriot culture. Lots of elements from the past. Family photos, fireplace and many old items! A cellar with around 100 labels from Cyprus and Greece. The outdoor space consists of three terraces. Around 200 people. Comfortable space, airy that takes you to beautiful summer evenings in beautiful Paralimni. During the summer you can find fresh fish from our area, from the beautiful Kapparis to Agia Napa. Such as turbot, mullet, mullet, orphus. And as we said, accompanied by good wine from our cellar, or our local zivania up to beer and ouzo.

Tue-Sat 18:00-00:00, Sun 12:30-00:00, Daidalou 23, Paralimni, Tel. 23825144

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