Twin Greek beaches that deify… double the beauty of Greece

Beautiful and special shores separated by a strip of land

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Η GREEK land is a wonderful place, hosting all the natural beauty of the world.

In fact, often elaborate geomorphological whims give paradoxes right ornaments.

That leave you wondering with the mastery of the Creator.

For twin beaches the reason, a term that often includes several things within it.

"Twins" are sometimes called by our islanders the landscape that forms two neighboring capes. Next door beaches separated from a rock more often, forming coves or coves.

Here we will talk about the other twin beaches, those that are separated by a narrow strip of land, leaving sea front, sea back!

A sandy beach with two beaches, often with a double name. A rare geological phenomenon that also inhabits our place.

Even better, the twin shores often have completely different profiles. In other words, it is not at all rare for one to be hit by the wave and for the other to encounter a strange calm…

Column in Kythnos

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The natural jewelry of the always picturesque Kythnos is not a secret at all. It is the most famous beach of the island, on its west side and very close to the country, immortalized in more photos than one could count.

These twin beaches are created by a sandy bridge that connects it Kythnos with the neighboring island of Agios Loukas. Crystal clear waters, deep blue color, golden sand and this side of the beach are literally breathtaking.

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"Queen" is called by the locals and not unjustly. This thousand-sung language of land with its awkward land access reveals two separate beaches on either side of the land, putting you in a dilemma.

Windless both, they compose a magical landscape with an even more special energy that entices you. Add to the natural beauty and the impressive sunset and you have a real Queen of the Aegean that will be unforgettable.

Balos in Chania

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What to start with the dreamy lagoon of Balos? This natural tale of Crete that brings you straight to the… Caribbean! The famous in the ends of the world Balos is waiting for you with its shallow waters to tell you stories that you will not hear anywhere else.

The sandy beach to the northwest of Kissamos extends bravely between the Gramvousa peninsula and Cape Tigani in the prefecture of Chania. Everything here is the result of the always peaceful lagoon, which composes a natural spectacle that can not be forgotten.

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Balos is exotic, almost tropical, with turquoise waters, white sand and abundant natural beauty. The waters are shallow and warm, the sand is colored pink by crushed shells where the wave breaks and the landscape is unparalleled anywhere in Greece.

The idyllic setting is completed with this sea in front, (lake-) sea in the back. The view here is unsurpassed, a tropical note in its Mediterranean charm Crete.

Simos in Elafonisos

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Again a Greek beach where recommendations are superfluous. So in the southern part of the island, just opposite Cythera, there is a twin beach waiting for you to captivate you with its beauty.

Earthly paradise, undoubtedly, consists of the small beach (Mikros Simos), Frangos, and the big beach (Megalos Simos), Sarakiniko. Ή Ceratsiniko for the locals. White endless sandy beaches, endemic vegetation and turquoise waters are the recipe for success here.

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A success with clearly exotic notes. Add the towering dunes and the cedar forest that embraces the two beaches and you have the full picture of the miracle.

Elafonissos means for most Simos. And Simos is synonymous with the best moments that the Greek beach can give us…

Porto Timoni in Corfu

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Here we have a rough diamond, a pristine twin beach Corfu which remains relatively unknown to the general public. And yet, its crystal clear waters and the beauty that was generously given invite us to discover it. Even if we get a little tired.

Against the backdrop of the magnificent and green hills that surround it, Porto Timoni, in the northwest of the island, below Afionas, is one of the main reasons to choose the island of Faiaka for holidays.

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Twin beaches are essentially separated by a land language. Porto Timoni is the largest, the one that usually steals the camera lens, leaving Limni in second place. Waters in the range of blue and green and white pebbles make up both beaches.

The characteristic here is that these two windless and pristine coves have completely different water temperatures. On foot you descend from village, through rugged and often inaccessible paths, but as soon as you see the twin beach all the sufferings give way to the joy of the soul…

Agios Sostis in Serifos

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To another beach with postcard specifications, we are transported to its northeastern end Serifos this time, near the country, to see a golden sandy beach at the foot of the chapel of the same name. A strip of land cuts the transparent waters in two, composing one of the most beautiful beaches of an island that is already famous for its wild and unspoiled beaches.

Agios Sostis is not as famous as other ornaments of Serifos, but he is just as beautiful. The sand connects the land with the rocky islet where the church is built, creating two completely different scenes.

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The rugged beach on the left (North Plakoto) with its rocks and large pebbles is mercilessly beaten by the weather. THE Beach on the right is another story. Sand and pebbles, windless and friendly, are where everyone gathers to rejoice in Agios Sostis.

Unorganized and suitable for relaxation and tranquility. The crystal clear waters and the tamarisk trees that generously offer their shade complete the wonderful thing…

Prasonisi in Rhodes

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Here we have a right phenomenon: an island in winter that in summer becomes a peninsula! The popular Prasonisi is a bizarre but beautiful creation of nature. This narrow strip of land that connects it with Rhodes, essentially dividing the Carpathian Sea in two, in winter is completely covered by the sea.

The two bays that form on both sides in the summer offer a different scene to the bather, who has to choose whether he wants a calm (left side) or a stormy sea (right).

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The waters, however, are crystal clear on both sides of this geological formation to its southwest. Rhodes, which in addition to being a popular place for swimming, is also an important habitat of particular environmental interest.

This half-kilometer long sandy trail creates a completely different setting on each side. On the left you see people sunbathing carefree in the calm and on the right people doing windsurfing and kitesurfing in big waves!

Voidokilia in Messinia

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The jewel of the Messinian land This is also a twin beach, a feature that descriptions sometimes overlook. This partition of dunes forms two turquoise seas, although it is true that one, the "strange", magnetizes all eyes.

It is not only the natural attractions, such as the special shape, the almost white dunes and the crystal clear waters with the multiple shades of blue and green, that steal the show. But also the points of archeological interest at both ends, which compose a truly unprecedented scene.

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Her pride Messinia It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and unique beaches in our country. Crescent, belly or "Oh", as you can see its shape, the amazing creek with fine sand called Voidokilia is separated from the adjacent lagoon of Gialova by a series of impressive dunes.

The beauty of the almost mythical beach takes you to exotic places without leaving the Peloponnese. And the best of the matter? How equally beautiful is the πίσω back sea, as the wetland of the Gialova lagoon is also an earthly paradise δει