"I am the oldest student of the University of Cyprus. I am 98 years old "

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"Fulfilling the dreams of your youth is the best thing that can happen to a person. "No success in the world can replace that." -Willa Cather

It's never too late…

To pursue one's dreams, to make a fresh start in one's life regardless of one's age. All our dreams can come true as long as we have the courage to pursue them…

Mr. Konstantinos Georgiadis decided at the age of 93 to start studies at the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Cyprus. He succeeded with great success, after receiving, with applause, his degree at the graduation ceremony of the University of Cyprus last June. 
Mr. Georgiadis is now 98 years old and continues his dream, setting his sights on other, new roads…

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The 98-year-old student tells ant1iwo: 
"I was born on 5/10/1919 in Kokkinotrimithia and I have 4 brothers. I was the oldest child in the family and I was quite lively. From the age of 8, I worked with my father in the fields. I helped him pick cotton, olives and potatoes. My father kicked me out of school - that's what most parents did then - to stay close to him and help him. I loved the land very much but I wanted to study. At the age of 11, I ran away from home. I secretly came to Nicosia to continue school. My father, however, alerted the police and when they found me and took me back, he beat me and made me promise that I would never leave again. 

I did not keep my promise…

When I was 16, I left again. I did not say anything to anyone and no one could find me this time. 
I found a teacher and started classes. I continued normally and a few years later, I started accounting courses and in 1951 I got my diploma.  
 In my life I traveled a lot, I traveled almost all over the world and maybe that was the reason I never made my own family. Until I was 47, I traveled constantly. 

I gave Pancyprians three times…

The first time I took the Pancyprian Exams I did not pass, not even the second. I was stubborn and said I would give again. The third time I did it! At the age of 93, I started studying at the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Cyprus. 
Last June, I got my degree. At the graduation ceremony, I experienced unique, moving moments…. 
People were enthusiastic and applauded me with so much joy and so much enthusiasm that I was moved. The sound of applause was like a voice saying, "People do not grow old when they dream and live to make it happen."

The degree was not the end but the beginning for new dreams and new paths, those of law. From September I started a new course. Of course, it is very difficult for me because I can not drive and the truth is I suffer and I get very tired. But I learned to always try and fight for my every dream, every goal. This is what every person should do, always striving for the best. To love himself but also the whole world and most importantly, never to give up his dreams ". 


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