LIOPETRI: Today the eviction for Eva φέρεται She is transferred to a special place

Confirms the Ministry of Social Welfare to resolve the issue within the day

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Reportage: Michalis Antoniou

Today, the eviction process is taking place from the house where she lives, for Eva Kallidou, whose story moved the whole of Cyprus.

According to Mrs. Eva's caregiver, she has already prepared her things to leave the house where she has been living for a long time. According to her, the power outage process will take place today.

In a communication we had with an official of the Ministry of Social Welfare, he confirmed to Famagusta.News, that within the day the issue of Eva will be resolved and will be transferred to a special area for further care.

It is worth noting that the process to be transferred to her country is pending, after the necessary procedures with the Swedish embassy are completed.