LIOPETRI: The tragic story of Eva… She weighed 27 kilos

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Reportage: Michalis Antoniou

A very shocking story comes to light, and takes place in the province of Famagusta and specifically in the village of Liopetri starring Eva Johansson Kallidi.

She begs for help in a post, as she claims at the end of the month she has to leave the house where she lives.

The 53-year-old woman is facing serious health problems, as a result of which she has reached the point of weighing only 27 kilos.

In a communication we had with the Embassy of Sweden in Cyprus, they told us that all the necessary actions have been taken after her request to go to her country. However, as we were told, all her medical examinations have been sent to her country, but due to the fact that she has been abroad for many years, she is no longer registered as a citizen of Sweden, while the embassy can not help her financially. .

For its part, the Welfare Office has taken all the necessary steps, as we were told, and is offered through the office, daily care by a Caregiver and more specifically three times a day for this case.

However, she begs the world for help through social media.

Her post as it is:

My friends, I desperately need help, and fast!

I need someone who can help me move the computer from the living room to my room and connect it to the TV.

I also need help to spend things I want with me like clothes etc, when I MUST leave the house at the end of the month! I have some boxes and bags to put them in. PLEASE help me, I'm desperate! I'm stuck in bed and I can't even get up.

Send me a message if you can please!

I live in Liopetri.