Treasure hunters claim to have found the lost 8th wonder of the world

The history of the Amber Room

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The lost eighth wonder of the world worth 280 million euros is claimed to have been found by lost treasure hunters in a secret tunnel in the northeastern part of Poland. This is none other than the Amber Room or Yantarnaya komnata, made exclusively of countless gold and tones amber, built in the 18th century in Prussia and donated to Saint Petersburg.

Called the eighth wonder of the world, during World War II it was transported to Germany, from where its traces mysteriously disappeared. Today, one can observe its modern reconstruction that was created between 1979-2003 and is located in the Palace of Catherine in St. Petersburg.

The history of the Amber Room

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In 1701, when its creation began, the Amber Room was destined for the Charlottenburg Palace, located in Berlin, then Prussia. The designs were signed by the German baroque sculptor Andreas Sclutter, while its construction was done by the Danish craftsman Goffrid Wolfram. The two collaborated until 1707, when two other craftsmen undertook the continuation of the project.

Eventually, the Amber Room was housed in the palace of the city of Berlin - the residence of Frederick I, the first king of Prussia - until 1716, when it was offered as a gift by King Frederick I to his ally, Tsar Peter the Great of the Russian Empire in order to seal their alliance with Sweden, after the special enthusiasm shown by the second when facing for the first time the Amber Room, as it was called.

There, it was placed in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, but later in 1755 the daughter of Peter I, Tsarina Elizabeth, moved it to palace of Catherine I in Tsarskoye Selo.

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The use of the room changed over the years, as it was initially transformed into the private meeting room of Catherine I - second wife of Peter the Great - and a meeting room with her family, and later her great-grandson Alexander II of Russia in used as a room to collect his trophies.

The final form of the room, and after several renovations during the 18th century, covered more than 55 square meters and consisted of more than 6 tons of amber. Its total creation until its complete image lasted about 10 years.

The mysterious disappearance during World War II

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The Amber Room was a real work of art of inestimable value and as the surviving photographs prove, it had exceptional architectural features, while there are many who argue that the value of such a masterpiece can not be easily estimated in money.

Something that he certainly knew Hitler, as it is known that the Nazis during World War II had stolen untold wealth and works of art real treasures from the areas they conquered, which they hid shortly before the end of the war in a location no one knows to this day.

One of these treasures, then, was the Amber Room, which was demolished by the Germans who invaded Russia in 1914 from the walls of the Palace of Catherine I where they were located. Since then, its traces have mysteriously disappeared, as it did with the other treasures.

According to Prussian Count Som Laubach, who was in charge of the Nazi art collection, he was in charge of transporting the Amber Room from Russia to Kένningsberg Castle in Germany.

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According to historical records, in late January 1945, Hitler ordered the removal of all the looted treasures from the castle. So, before the Amber Room could be moved to safety in August 1944, the Royal Air Force bombed K Κnigsberg Castle, and the damage inflicted by the artillery during the advance of Coke was considerable.

It was then that the Germans dismantled the room and packed it in boxes, hiding it again in another castle. By bombing the castle, the Soviets came to the conclusion that this particular work of art was destroyed along with it. However, according to rumors, the Germans managed to transport the precious boxes of amber and gold to another secret location until today, before the Soviets managed to bomb the city.

The discovery of the secret location and the eighth wonder of the world

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Despite the creation of the faithful copy in 1979 - completed in 2003 after 24 years of work by 40 Russian and German experts and inaugurated by Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on the 300th anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg - those who continued his hunt lost treasure from the end of World War II until today.

For decades, many efforts have been fruitless in various parts of Europe - in 2017, three amateur explorers said they had discovered traces of the Amber Room in a system of caves near Dresden, but without finding anything substantial.

Today, officials at the Mamerky Bunkry Museum, a short distance from the Polish town of Węgorzewo, say the missing eight miracle is located in a secret tunnel in northeastern Poland in the bunker (German underground shelter) of the Wehrmacht, near the famous Wolf owl, one of Hitler's most important shelters during World War II - here, in fact, they are said to be hiding treasures stolen throughout Europe by the Germans, including the Amber Chamber.

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To locate the entrance of the tunnel and the location of the underground tunnel, the museum officials used a professional geora radar which indicated the specific location.

In order to carry out their research, the Polish treasure hunters will have to wait for the required documents to be issued by the state, so that they can try their luck and see if they will be the ones who will bring back to light the lost eighth miracle. of the world.