BLACK-OUT: Francis Haugen "burns" Facebook

Is it a coincidence that black out or Francis Haugen is the man who turned off the social media switch?

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Whether or not the revelation of the identity of Frances Haugen, who worked as a product manager on Facebook's disinformation team, has to do with the chaos on the internet εται The point is that the man who made the company's research on the effects of social media in the mental health of young people, with documents that leaked to the press, revealed on Sunday and her identity: It is 37-year-old Frances Haugen.

What happened to Haugen before he spoke on CBS's "60 Minutes" show? He had released documents proving that celebrities, politicians and high-profile Facebook users were treated differently by the company. The complainant accuses Facebook of putting "profit above security" as it emerged that it had revealed to the US Securities and Exchange Commission that the company was misleading investors.

A series of articles in the Wall Street Journal describes how the company's rules favor elites, how algorithms fuel discord, and how drug cartels and traffickers use Facebook's services openly. Reports also surfaced about the company's efforts to attract new users to the platform under stiff competition from Snapchat and TikTok, revealing that Facebook had "buried" research showing that its services could be harmful. for the mental health of adolescent users, especially girls.

An article about the impact of Instagram on the mental health of teenage girls was the trigger for the Senate subcommittee to which Haugen will testify.

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"I do not want to hurt Facebook," Haugen clarified. "Or I want to change it."
So on Sunday, Francis Haugen revealed that she was behind the WSJ reports, spoke to CBS and clarified that her actions were aimed at helping the social media giant change tactics and not provoke him.

Haugen said she had left Facebook this year after being outraged by the company's policies. But before leaving, he copied a number of important documents which were leaked to the press. In the interview, Haugen revealed that Facebook had prematurely disbanded the group responsible for protecting the democratic process and tackling misinformation, following the 2020 election, which led to the January 6 invasion of the Capitol. "I do not think they are really willing to do what needs to be done to keep Facebook safe," he said.

For the protection of Zuckerberg

One of the leaks showed that Facebook is also facing a complex lawsuit by a group of its shareholders. The group claims, among other things, that Facebook's $ 5 billion payment to the US Federal Trade Commission to settle the Cambridge Analytica data scandal was so high because it was designed to protect Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook, for its part, said the leaks were misleading and silenced the positive research conducted by the company: "We insist on our public statements and are ready to answer any questions the regulators may have about our work," he said. Facebook's director of policy communications Lena Pits.