Facebook: Zuckerberg wants to turn the platform into a "metaverse"

"We will drastically change the way the public sees us"

Oculus Facebook

Facebook will set up a task force to create Metaverse, an idea that includes creating digital worlds in which multiple people can "live" at the same time.

The Metaverse team will be part of Facebook's virtual reality team, Reality Labs, said Andrew Bosworth, the team leader.

"Today Portal and Oculus can teleport you to a room with another person, regardless of physical distance, or to new virtual worlds and experiences," Bosworth said in a post. "But in order to realize our full vision for Metaverse, we need to build the connective tissue between the specific spaces - so that we can remove the limitations of physics and move through them with the same ease that we move from today. "one room of our house to the other", he concludes.

Several technology companies have started discussing the construction of "metaverse" as a successor technology for smartphones and mobile internet. In general, technologists view metaverse as a virtual world where large numbers of people can participate in games, work, or simply socialize.

Metaverse is closely linked to virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, with applications developed by Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft in addition to Facebook. Roblox, a children's toy whose manufacturer now has a value of over $ 44 billion, is a prime example of metaverse.

Facebook is constantly investing in AR and VR technologies as they enable it to control its own platform in the event of a commercial launch, instead of being controlled by companies such as Apple and Google, through their own app stores.

In an interview with The Verge website last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company's metaverse could be compatible with virtual reality masks, as well as portable devices and video game consoles.

"My hope is, if all goes well, that in about five years, in this new chapter of the company, we will drastically change the way the public sees us: from a social networking company to a metaverse company," Zuckerberg concludes.

Source: OT.gr