Christiana Aristotle: Christmas that she will never forget… (VIDEO)

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Everyone lived a special day today in the show of Christiana Aristotelous after they all celebrated Christmas together as a group. Feast, dance, funny videos and the most relaxed and festive mood they could have.

Among other things in a discussion about which Christmas do you remember the most and which ones have been unforgettable or moments etched in their memory? Christiana Aristotle confessed her childhood memories with her brothers Poly and Andrea.

I think this year will be my most beautiful Christmas.

When we were babies and we were waiting for Santa Claus to come μαι I remember a year when Santa Claus came and knocked on our door (I remember it like now), Andreas, my brother younger than me .. I will never forget the screaming that he put when he saw him in front of him and closed the door and we spent five hours to bring him. These are unique moments that everyone has in mind. Poly who saw Rudolph and the reindeer go to heaven. These are unique moments that everyone has in mind.

See what he said at 5.55 onwards.