Motorized and foot patrols ahead of the holidays

Increased measures for the holidays

police2 Patrol, Christmas

In addition to the motorized patrols, foot patrols have also been designated ahead of the holidays, said Friday the Chief of the Police, Stelios Papatheodorou, who attended a Police workshop on human rights with the Minister of Justice and Public Order, Anna Koukkidis-Prokopiou which was held at the Journalism Centre, in Nicosia.

Coming to the meeting, the Chief of Police was asked about the increased measures in view of the holidays and about the concerns that exist more widely in Europe about terrorist attacks, with Mr. Papatheodorou answering that every year such days with the aim of increasing the safety of citizens , in addition to motorized patrols, foot patrols have also been designated.

He added that when it comes to terrorism, both the international situation is monitored and information received and evaluated. "There is no specific information about any strike in Cyprus", said the Chief of Police adding that after the start of the war in Israel there are specific targets which are being patrolled.

Besides, in a question about yesterday's publication by the newspaper "Phileleftheros" about an incident with signs of violence against a minor in Paphos and the court's judgments for incomplete investigation by the competent authorities, the Chief of Police said that since yesterday instructions have been given to the Assistant Chief of Police to appoint an officer to conduct a criminal investigation to ascertain whether the Police acted properly.

The Police event is important for human rights, say the Minister and Chief

The Minister of Justice attending the conference said that the human rights department is the third pillar of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order and it is a department that is considered very important and "which we will strengthen in 2024".

He noted that precisely for this reason the event of the Police, which falls within the framework of the debate on human rights, is considered very important. Mrs. Prokopiou congratulated the police force that has set the right priorities within the context of asserting human rights and has empowered and encouraged the Police office that deals with these issues.

The Chief of Police stated for his part that it is the fifth year that the Police has organized the conference on human rights in order to honor the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948.

He noted that through the speeches and positions of the invited guests, the aim is to highlight the commitment to the defense of human rights.

Source: KYPE