Ayia Napa: Two new arrests for the fierce clash

Two other young men, aged 22 and 21, were arrested for a fierce fight with knives and an ax in the center of Ayia Napa.

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Two more people were arrested yesterday, in connection with the investigated case of a clash that took place on Sunday, October 17, in the province of Famagusta, yesterday by members of the Police.

The two suspects, men aged 22 and 21, were arrested by members of the Famagusta TAE, with court warrants, around 5.00 on Tuesday afternoon and were detained for police investigations.

As part of the investigation, the Police proceeded in the previous days to arrest five other suspects, three of whom are 23 years old and the two are 22 years old.

The clash of a number of people took place around 3.30 in the morning on October 17, on Agia Mavri Avenue, in Ayia Napa. During the clash, those involved allegedly used various offensive tools such as knives, axes and stones.

The case is being investigated by the Famagusta Police Department.