Famagusta City Hall / DISY: The ball in the provincial secretariat of Famagusta

DISY Municipality of Famagusta, DISY

The Executive Office of DISY met this morning, setting the table for the upcoming elections for the City of Famagusta.

As Petros Melaisis is informed, from the session of the Executive, no name is chosen as the party's chosen one. The ball goes to the stadium of the provincial secretariat of DISY Famagusta, which meets tonight at 19:00.

However, we must emphasize that according to the same information, the name of Simos Ioannou, which is preferred by AKEL - DIKO, is not among the options studied by DISY.

It is recalled that DISY surprised the former ambassador, Pavlos Anastasiadis, after the meeting of his Politburo. However, he announced his withdrawal from the race, since it was not finally possible for all the parties to reach a common acceptance candidate, with thank-you references to AKEL and DIKO.

In the meantime, Andreas Lordos and Nikos Karoullas announced their independent candidacy. Nikos Karoullas seems to be favored by the provincial secretariat of DISY Famagusta, however the final intentions will be revealed tonight in the session of the provincial secretariat at 19:00.


"It met today as planned by the Executive Office of the Democratic Party for the City of Famagusta.
The session examined the data as it was formed after not finding a common candidacy with the other parties.
The consultation for the proposal by the Democratic Alarm for the City of Famagusta, will continue in the coming days with the local community, the municipal group and the District Secretariat. "

The final decisions are expected to be made within days by EDEK, which, according to information, favors the candidacy of George Barnabas.

The Solidarity Movement proposes Loizos Afxentiou.

Source: Sigmalive