DISY: The decision to support Karoulla at the City Hall of Famagusta is respected

DISY Municipality of Famagusta, DISY

"The suggestion of the Municipal Group and the decision of the District Secretariat of Famagusta to support the candidacy of Nikos Karoullas, is fully respected," the Democratic Alarm said in a statement today.

He added that the party's position was that a joint candidacy for Famagusta would better serve the goals of the reunification of Cyprus and the return of the city. This effort did not succeed and the Politburo of the Democratic Alarm gave the first word to the people of Famagusta ".

It is recalled that on Monday, the District Secretariat of DISY Famagusta, decided to support the candidacy of the Municipal Councilor of the party in the city, Nikos Karoullas.

Source: Philenews