Andreas Passiis from Avgorou blew out 100 candles (VIDEO)

Mr. Andreas did not fail to dance a zebekiko

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In a surprise party that his relatives prepared for him on Sunday night, Mr. Andreas from Avgorou, celebrated exactly one century of life.

This is Mr. Andreas Passii from Avgorou, emigrant to Great Britain, who was born in 1924 and celebrated his hundredth birthday at a special birthday party.

Mr. Andreas lives permanently in Great Britain, but despite all that, he travels every year to his special homeland to see his relatives in Avgorou.

He also spoke to Sigma's camera, stating that the love of his family is more important, while he did not fail to dance a zebekiko, despite being 100 years old, stressing that what he always liked was to have a good time.

We also asked him about the secret of longevity, but he told us that there is no such thing. From what it seems, the love of the family, the carefree life and the good times are of the utmost importance for longevity.

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