Achnas Dam: Complaint by Ecologists for business illegalities

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A complaint was made today by the Movement of Ecologists - Citizens' Cooperation for illegal, as they report, construction of a fencing wall by a big businessman in the area of ​​the Achna dam.

A complaint was made against a big businessman who is building a building with its fence wall almost touching the street.

Yesterday, as mentioned in the announcement of the Movement, the community leader Avgorou paid an on-site visit, who asked for the works to be stopped, pointing out to the businessman himself that there are illegalities. The case was then reported to the District of Famagusta, while the District Committee of the Ecologists 'Movement - Famagusta Citizens' Cooperation was also informed.

The Provincial Committee of Ecologists immediately contacted the supervisor of the Famagusta provincial administration, Andri Tsaparilas, who stated that he went to the spot and told the businessman to stop the works, because his fence wall is illegal.

According to the complaint of the Ecologists, "although initially the big businessman agreed, the very next day he resumed the works, continuing the construction of the wall."

The District Administration of Famagusta, reaffirming the continuation of the works, sent a letter to the General Prosecutor's Office for the issuance of a decree to terminate the works.

Ms. Alexia Sakadaki, Member of the Political Committee and MEP candidate stated the following: "The Movement of Ecologists - Citizens' Cooperation believes that these illegal acts must be prevented from the beginning, regardless of who commits them. In this case, the suggestions of the Community Authority and the District Administration were completely bypassed and the arbitrariness seems to have continued. The case is now being brought to justice with the contribution of the Legal Service ".   

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