BRAKER: THOI Avgorou said goodbye to Theodoros Markou (IMAGES)

The moving farewell to the blessed Theodoros Markou: "We will never forget you teacher"

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With special emotion, the Association of THOI Avgorou awarded an honorary plaque in honor of the blessed Theodoros Markos, the first female volleyball coach of the Association, professor and sportsman.

The plaque was received by the daughters of the late Andri and Dimitra by the hand of the president of the Association, Panagiotis Karyou.

The event took place at the stadium of the Lyceum Fotis Pittas before the planned match of the juniors of the THOI Avgorou team with the Frenarou Olympiad.

Present are the presidents of the two clubs, registrars, coaches and athletes.

Present and athletes from the first team of 1995, which honored the memory of one of the pioneers of volleyball, Petros Karyos.

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