AUGUSTIN KKARAS: "Coronavirus is a disease that breaks bones" - My experience with the disease covid-19

"The vaccine is the only solution to the problem and let us all understand it! False dilemmas and intimidation will end up becoming a crime against our society"!

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Through a post, Archimandrite Augustinos Kkaras, who fell ill with coronavirus, recounts his experience with the disease and mentions the solution to the problem.

At the same time, he reports on the negative things that were heard from the people after he was found to be positive for coronavirus, but also on what is heard about people who are sick.

"Being positive is not a shame," Archimandrite Augustine said on a television show. And this, in practice, tries to consolidate it in our fellow citizens.

Same as his post:

"My experience with the disease Covid-19 (coronavirus).

Thank God we are fine! Our Lady Panagiotissa was our state roof! With Lazarus second out, I'm out too! What God allows in our lives is welcome and has its word. In this post I will say a few conclusions from my experience as a coronavirus patient. All views are respected. Those who disagree with what I am writing please keep their opinion to themselves or write it in their own post. No one deprives them of this right!

With God's help and the medical supervision and guidance of my personal physician Maria G. Adamou Tantele, whom I am grateful for, I got over the disease with relatively mild but not painless symptoms. My experience taught me several things. I share with you some:

1on. I truly felt and experienced the pain, sadness and mental collapse of my sick siblings and relatives. Physical pain was not enough, there was also mental pain, coming from the "gossip", the "bad tongues", the "fraudulent lips" the tasteless pains of pain and love! "They did not observe measures…", "they did not pay attention…", "they suffered…", "because they were circulating…" and the like. It is as if they themselves were completely trapped inside! So physical pain from the disease and mental from the tongue of some…

2on. I clarified my true friends! Christ called his Disciples his friends and interpreted it: "Ye are they that dwell not with me in my temptations" (Luke 22,28:13,35). In other words, you are my friends because you stayed close to me in my trials. Friends seem to be in trouble! Thank God I found out once again that I have many! Countless phone calls and messages, either directly to me or to my own, full of love and emotion. Everyone is anxious if I am well. If I need some help and service, either from a supermarket or pharmacy, or food or any other need. They all sent love, interest, wishes, prayers, happy things. Others came to bring food, coffee, sweets… Little can be said. Yes small but very comforting in times of sadness! I also wondered: what good did I do for them? Nothing…! Christ redefined it: "Nevertheless all men know that I am the disciple, if ye have love one to another" (John XNUMX:XNUMX). That is, this will make you all stand out as my students, if you have love for each other. God bless them all!

3on. There were also those (the few I clarify) who were not satisfied only with indifference (understandable attitude to a degree). They went further, thinking only of themselves! I heard "gossip" and bitter comments and sometimes verbal attacks on people of my own. It was as if we were the causes of evil, or the "lepers" of some other times that we had to isolate ourselves both physically and mentally. These attacks reminded me like a little bitter taste of Christ's mockery of the Cross! A kind of cannibalism! It is very difficult and painful at a time when you are anxious for your own people, not to become the cause for them to get sick, to listen to all this. Many times I would have done it somehow, but now I understand what it means. Words are a sharp sword in the heart of man who is in any involuntary or voluntary difficulty. I learned that I have to be very careful what comes out of my mouth! These people are doing well too…

4on. I finally learned in practice what this included coronavirus is. So the coronavirus is not "a nothing", nor "a simple flu" as some casually and criminally spread. Coronavirus is a bone-crushing disease! No matter how mildly you go through it, it is terribly painful and difficult. Personally, in the 2-3 most difficult nights, I believed that the end had come… And I think: what to say to those who need hospitalization, intensive care, intubation? How much psychosomatic pain? Jesus Christ! And those who leave without having a person of their own near them? Awesome thing… God bless!

5on. I have never been against the virus and its prevention measures. Now I certify it from experience! I also never had "doubts" or "phobias" about the need for the vaccine. Now I have received the last confirmation. The vaccine is the only solution to the problem and let us all understand it! False dilemmas and intimidation will end up becoming a crime against our society! Do not be afraid of the vaccine. No devil enters us with a vaccine. Our God does not "sell out" us nor weigh our faith with a vaccine! Satan enters us only when we dethrone Christ from our souls and enthrone evil in his place! Without any other thought, let us all proceed with our vaccination. This means in practice, love and protection for ourselves, for ourselves and for each of our fellow human beings!

Tomorrow, Holy Sunday, the Holy and Holy Week opens before us, even with the measures μέτρα Christ suffered on the Cross, let us suffer as well. But let us be sure that our pain and sorrow will be succeeded by the Resurrection joy!

Happy Easter! Happy Easter!"