Ayia Napa: 55-year-old man collided with EAC pile support wire - Freed by the Fire Department

His vehicle overturned and the intervention of the Fire Service was needed to extricate him.

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A traffic accident occurred in Ayia Napa shortly before 12:00 when a 55-year-old Greek Cypriot man was driving his vehicle and at some point on the road he deviated from his course.

Specifically, the incident occurred on Tevkrou Anthia Street when the man climbed onto the sidewalk in accordance with his course and initially collided with the EAC pole support wire and then overturned and came to rest with the cab of his vehicle in his traffic lane on the left side of the road.

His vehicle overturned and it took the intervention of the fire department to extricate him.

The circumstances of the accident are being investigated by the Ayia Napa police station.