AGIA NAPA: Indecent assault of a 32-year-old on a 37-year-old - Incidental arrest by the Police

He indecently attacked a 37-year-old woman in Ayia Napa - He attacked members of the Police during the attempt to arrest him - The Police needed first aid

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A 32-year-old Greek Cypriot resident of Ayia Napa was arrested for the offenses of indecent act, immoral displays and disturbing the peace, while during his arrest he attacked members of the police.

Specifically, according to an official announcement by the Police, yesterday Tuesday 14 March in the afternoon, members of the Ayia Napa police station went to the home of a 32-year-old Greek Cypriot from Ayia Napa to execute an arrest warrant obtained against him by the Famagusta District Court in connection with a case of indecent act, indecent exposure and breach of the peace committed in the late afternoon of Friday March 10, 2023 in Ayia Napa.

The complaint was made by a 37-year-old foreign resident of Cyprus who, at the time in question, was walking along the beach road in Ayia Napa and was approached by an unknown man who was riding in a car of a specific description.

The unknown man pretended that he could not find his mobile phone and asked her for her help to call him from her own phone to locate it. In her attempt to call him, the unknown man got out of his car and then the 37-year-old realized that he was naked from the waist down and his genitals were visible.

The 37-year-old panicked and started moving away from him while he continued to call for her to help him. Testimony against the 32-year-old emerged from police examinations and on Tuesday, March 14, an arrest warrant was obtained against him.

When the police tried to arrest the 32-year-old, he resisted the arrest and attacked the police by kicking and biting them.

The members of the police went to the General Hospital of Famagusta in Paralimni where it was found that they had bruises and abrasions on their hands and feet and after receiving First Aid they were dismissed.

The 32-year-old is expected to be brought before the District Court of Famagusta in Paralimni within the day for a detention order.

The Ayia Napa Police Station is investigating.

Source: Police Press Release / Stock Image