SAINT NAPA: Everything is ready for the 17th Medieval Festival

On Saturday 08 October 2022, the largest and unique Festival of its kind in our country, will open its gates

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The great moment that everyone was waiting for has arrived and the 17th Medieval Festival of Ayia Napa is now a fact and after three whole years it takes place without health protection measures and restrictions.

On Saturday 08 October 2022, the largest and unique Festival of its kind in our country, will open its gates in the Central Square in front of the Medieval Monastery to welcome the thousands of people who are expected to flood Ayia Napa. The opening ceremony will be held at 8.00:XNUMX pm by the Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, Mr. Kyriakos Kokkinos.
Until October 15, that is, for eight days, citizens, locals and foreign visitors will become one with knights, acrobats, princesses, dragons, witches, fairies, fairy-tale heroes as well as with great Cypriot and Greeks and will travel to the Middle Ages, gaining medieval experiences and unique moments.

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So everything is ready – the streets, the areas around the Medieval Monastery have been decorated with medieval flags and of the participating countries, the stands where the remarkable exhibitions of Medieval masks, jewelry, ceramics, hagiography, handicrafts, medieval dresses, the group exhibition "Cyprus: Yesterday and Today", the art exhibition from the "Diachroniki" Gallery, the art of traditional blacksmithing from the traditional blacksmith Fano Mahattos, have been installed in the outer spaces of the Medieval Monastery, the groups from abroad have already started to arrive and everything foreshadows the festive atmosphere and what great things will follow during the week of the Festival, 08-15 October.

Around 20-25 notable music and dance bands and groups from Greece, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Belarus, Czech Republic, Poland and Cyprus, which specialize in music, dances , the theater, the various habits and activities of the Middle Ages will take part. The bands Ladies Moon (Italy), Parade Big Flowers (Brazil based in France), Carillon Itinerant Piano (Italy), Dworek Polski Ensemble (Poland) Sbandieratori Di Fivizzano (Massa) Tuscany (Italy) are making their debut at this year's Festival.

The program also includes notable concerts such as "50 years of gold" with the great Greek Artist Manolis Mitsias (Saturday 08/10), "Only for love" with the well-known Cypriot artists Tasoula Kallenou and Kouli Theodorou (Sunday 09/10), " The sound of a City", with the Musical Scheme "Macridromos" (Tuesday 11/10), "Asia Minor Adamoma" with Vasiliki Hatziadamou and Philippos Ktenas (Wednesday 12/10) as well as the concert "Agapis Loya" with the acclaimed Greek Artist Costa Makedona and Elena Neofytidou participates (Saturday 15/10).

Before the start of the program, parades will be held on a daily basis from the Circular Junction of the Port to the Central Square of the Monastery, which start at 7.00 pm and in which all the music and dance groups and groups will participate as well as Medieval Fairy Tales of Cyprus , which will be narrated from 7.30pm-8.00pm by the narrator Georgia Fatta and the musician Lefteris Moschovias.

After entering the square, the music and dance groups and groups, different every day, will present their performances.

Admission throughout the Medieval Festival is free to the public.