Ayia Napa Marina has opened its doors for four-legged visitors

What applies to four-legged visitors - Laws and regulations to enjoy your walk with your beloved pet undisturbed

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What applies to four-legged visitors – Laws and regulations to enjoy your walk with your beloved pet undisturbed

The management of the Ayia Napa Marina, in the context of serving its visitors and customers and respecting animals, informs that it applies the corresponding regulations and best practices regarding the entry of animals into the Marina premises. Therefore, the following applies to the premises and facilities of the Marina:

Only pets (dogs and cats) are allowed in the common areas of the public zone and the commercial zone. Prohibitions or restrictions may apply in the premises of the commercial stores (interior and exterior, as the case may be) depending on the regulations of each business operating there.

Any companion animal entering the Permitted Areas is required to be accompanied by its owner or a person with written authorization from its owner. It must also be under constant supervision, on a leash if it weighs more than six kilograms and muzzled if, in the reasonable judgment of its owner, it has aggressive tendencies. Still meet all the conditions of the applicable preventive health measures for diseases and infections that may spread due to his movement within the Marina. Pets are not allowed on the west beach of the Marina. It is clarified that pets weighing more than 6 kg are not allowed in the shops/restaurants on the waterfront of the Marina.

The above excludes companion dogs that accompany disabled people within the Marina premises.

Every person who accompanies a pet within the Marina facilities bears the sole responsibility of cleaning the premises by picking up and throwing away in baskets any impurities of the animals. He must also carry and be able to demonstrate, whenever requested by the entry control authorities, the health and/or veterinary authorities located within the Marina area, all necessary supporting and/or health documents regarding the companion animal , including passport and health record. According to the applicable law, the owner and companion of the animal bears sole responsibility in case of injury or death of any visitor or other companion animal that may be caused by his own within the premises of the Marina and also in case of damage to the property of any guest of the Marina. The company MM Makronisos Marina Limited bears no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or death that may be caused by the entry and handling of a pet within the Marina premises.

Marina staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have or provide guidance. In this case, do not hesitate to contact the lifeguards or the Control Room directly at (+357) 23 300 500. You can send questions, comments or feedback from your experience to info@MarinaAyiaNapa.com