Cyprus Marines Association: Stavros Karamontanis at the helm

The goal is the Development of Marine Maritime Tourism reports the new board of directors of the association

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The Annual General Assembly of the Cyprus Association of Marines, which belongs to the force of the CCCI, was held with great success, in an event hall of the Ayia Napa Marina.

During the General Assembly, the following members were elected and elected to the new Board of Directors for the next two years:

Stavros Karamontanis President of Ayia Napa Marina
Nikiforos Pampakas Vice President Marina Limassol
Farah Shammas Member of St. Raphael Marina
Paris Dimitriou Member of Larnaca Marina
Zak Manitaras Executive Secretary of CCCI

Both the outgoing President Mr. Hermes Stefanou and the new President Mr. Stavros Karamontanis reiterated that the purpose of the Association was and remains the development and cultivation of spirit, solidarity and cooperation between the members, the assistance of the members to achieve contacts with competent Ministries and Government Departments for the promotion of the aims and the promotion of the goals of the Association, but also the understanding by all, of the role and the contribution of the Marines in the sector of the economy of Cyprus.

According to an announcement by the association, the new board of directors aims at the gradual development of marine tourism in Cyprus, as well as the encouragement and expansion of its partners / members, in order to cultivate the business, social and environmental development of Cyprus through the Marines.

In the context of the Annual General Meeting, the new Board of Directors expressed the view that in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Shipping, the amendments to the regulations and Legislations governing the Marinas should proceed as soon as possible.

Source: Announcements