MUNICIPALITY OF DERINIA: Participates in the program "Young Cities"

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The launch of the "Young Cities" program in which the Municipalities of Athienou, Aglantzia and Deryneia participate, was announced by the Cyprus Youth Organization and the National Betting Authority.

A written announcement of the Municipality of Athienos states that "the program is implemented by the Center for Social Innovation (CSI) in collaboration with the organization RESET".

During a press conference held yesterday at the Press Center in Nicosia, "the President of the National Betting Authority, Ioanna Fiakkou, stressed the importance of the program and the continuous support of EAS for the empowerment of young people as agents of positive change."

Moreover, "the President of the Cyprus Youth Organization, Prodromos Alampritis, stated that we want to strengthen them by offering opportunities for active participation in the community, so as to restore youth confidence in society and build meaningful links and dialogue between local authorities and new ».

The Mayors of Athienou Kyriakos Kareklas, Deryneia Andros Karagiannis, and Aglantzias Andreas Konstantinou, as representatives of the Municipalities that will host the work of Young Cities "expressed their commitment to mobilize local organizations and young people to participate in a program that will improve quality life of the young people of the Municipalities, but also of all the Citizens.

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According to the announcement, "The Executive Director of the Center for Social Innovation, Dimitris X 'Sofoklis, representing the implementing bodies of the program, expressed the belief that through the cooperation of all bodies, the direct participation of young people and the implementation of social innovation practices, will open the channels for more active participation of young people in the public ".

During the Conference, Dr. Sotiris Themistokleous from the Center for Social Innovation and Dr. Eliza Patouris from RESET, presented Young Cities, its goals and its pedagogical approach.

Young Cities "is a holistic approach that aims to empower young men and women to become agents of positive change in their city. The aim of the program is to create youth-friendly cities, through an innovative and highly participatory process, which focuses on the creativity and dynamism of young people.

The announcement states that "with the completion of the program, each group of young people in each Municipality is expected to present an action plan and local interventions that will empower young people, improve their presence in the public and create the infrastructure for wider youth participation. in the planning and implementation of local actions ".

The initiative will be implemented on a pilot basis in the Municipalities of Athienou, Aglantzia and Deryneia in order to soon be extended to other Municipalities and Communities of Cyprus.

The three Municipalities have already promoted an open invitation to their young people to participate in the youth groups of "Young Cities", which with the guidance of CSI and RESET and the support of local Municipalities, will develop the vision, the expectations and the proposed actions to become the new actors of positive change in their city. So far, more than 60 young people have declared their participation in the program ".

Source: KYPE