DISY Famagusta: Nikos Georgiou is the new Provincial Secretary (IMAGES)


The District Council of DISY Famagusta met at a meeting on November 14 in the presence of President Averof Neophytou and a number of party officials where the new District Secretary was announced.

Following the resignation of the former District of Floros Tsangaris, procedures for the holding of by-elections were launched in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association. Nikos Georgiou was elected the new District Secretary of DISY Famagusta without a rival.


The Chairman of the party, Averof Neophytou, addressed the District Council, stating that "Despite my busy schedule, I considered it necessary to attend the District Council of DISY Famagusta for 3 reasons, firstly we have strong ties with the executives of DISY Famagusta and I recognize their contribution and contribution to the party, secondly that he leaves the position of Provincial Secretary a man, his friend Floros Tsangaris, who identified with the meaning of selfless offer and thirdly takes over as District Secretary a young man, whom I have known for years from his offer to MAKI, FPK PROTOPORIA and NEDISY, who is a native and warmth of the faction and followed the party orthodox way to offer even more from a position of responsibility to DISY. "


The President of the party thanked the former District Secretary Floros Tsangaris for his multifaceted contribution to DISY Famagusta and appointed him as his Advisor to the Extended District Council of the Democratic Alarm.

Floros Tsangaris during his report stated that he will remain a loyal Alarmist, close to the party as he did for so many years, and warmly asked all those present to do the same because the party said, we all need it.


Immediately after his speech, he received an honorary plaque from the President of the Democratic Alarm, Averof Neophytou, on behalf of the District Secretariat of Famagusta.
The baton was then taken over by the new District Secretary Nikos Georgiou, who in his greeting stated, among other things: "Taking the burden of the responsibility that I shoulder, working with full collectivity and responsibility together with all of you, we will give all our forces to continue the historical course of DISY Famagusta", Mr. Georgiou also referred to the reasons that pushed him to run. I consciously chose to take on a portfolio, responsibilities and be accountable for what I did. I followed the party orthodox path. This is how I perceive the party events, alongside the wonderful world of DISY and actively participating in the conquest of the political and social goals of our party. " He further expressed his optimism for the further course of DISY Famagusta saying "I know and have confidence in the dynamism and quality of our executives".


Concluding his greeting, Mr. Georgiou thanked the collaborator and outgoing District Secretary Floros Tsangaris for his timeless and multifaceted contribution to DISY Famagusta.

Nikos Georgiou

Nikos Georgiou was born in Larnaca in 1983. He comes from Peristeronopigi and Lefkoniko in the Province of Famagusta. He is married and the father of two children. He is a Lawyer and maintains a Law Office in Larnaca. He was a member of the Student Movement of NEDISY Famagusta in Larnaca, of F.P.K. LEADERSHIP and NEDISY Famagusta. He actively participated in the Student Movement as a Member and President of the Central Student Council of Agios Georgios High School, Member of ESEM Larnaca - Famagusta, President of the Student Wing "PROTOPORIA" of Komotini and President of the Student Committee. P.K. LEADERSHIP. In 2011 he was elected Municipal Councilor of DISY Larnaca and was re-elected in 2016. Until recently he served as District Organizational Secretary of DISY Famagusta.