OP AMM / STOU: Businesses put a "padlock" reacting to the new measures

"We will not separate vaccinated from unvaccinated - We will only serve with take away and delivery"

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Reactions from dining areas to the new measures decided by the authorities with the aim of stopping the pandemic and especially with the "block"To unvaccinated people, which can not enter indoor and outdoor stadiums, theaters, cinemas, theaters, music and dance centers, entertainment venues, restaurants, weddings, christenings and restaurants within the hotel.

Already cafes and restaurants announced how they put a padlock and will serve customers only with takeaways ή delivered. "Because we are ashamed to separate people, we will not open", "Our store will serve everyone without exception with take away and delivery", among other things, the posts state.

One of the companies that decided to put a padlock and serve their customers only with takeaways ή delivered is brown.

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