Ammochosto Province: Seven arrests for burglary and theft cases

Seven arrests on burglary and theft charges after operation

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An operation to identify perpetrators of burglaries and thefts was carried out at dawn today by police officers of the TAE Famagusta, for the purposes of investigating a number of cases that have been reported to the TAE, as well as in the context of the measures taken to prevent serious crime. The entire operation was based on an assessment of the manner of action, the place and the time when the suspicious persons acted, with the result that the operation led to the identification of part of the stolen property and the arrest of seven persons. The burglary unit of the TAE Famagusta is investigating the involvement of those arrested in a total of nine cases of burglaries and thefts, committed between the months of January and April 2024 in Ayia Napa, from which electronic devices and clothing and footwear with a total value of approximately 5000 euros were stolen.

The two of the seven suspects were identified by members of the Famagusta TAE, who, as part of the coordinated operation, were under surveillance, in an area in Ayia Napa, around 4.00:XNUMX a.m. on Wednesday. The two suspects were loitering suspiciously in the yard of a residential complex, where they unsuccessfully attempted to break into residences. They were discreetly followed by the members of the Police, until they entered a residence, where they live, as it was later established.

Upon the entry of the two suspects into their residence, members of the Police proceeded to check, during which it was established that five other persons were present and residing in the residence. A search of the residence followed, where property and evidence, believed to be linked to a number of recent burglaries and thefts, were found in a residential complex in Ayia Napa, while other property was also found, which is being investigated as the product of theft , since the seven suspects did not give satisfactory explanations for its possession.

The seven suspects, men between the ages of 23 and 31, were arrested for the crime of illegal possession of property. Subsequently, after evidence emerged in connection with the commission of a total of nine cases of residential burglary, attempted residential burglary and theft, warrants were issued for their arrest, pursuant to which they were arrested and taken into custody for the purpose of police examinations.

TAE Famagusta continues the exams.