Famagusta: The sampling points to go to Limassol-Paphos

Dozens of employees need a negative test to get to work

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Dozens of workers go from morning to laboratories in Larnaca and the free province of Famagusta to undergo a coronavirus molecular test so they can move to and from the provinces of Limassol and Paphos.

Information from KYPE states that since the morning, dozens of employees who fall into the categories of exemptions for movement to and from the provinces of Limassol and Paphos, went to specific points designated by the Ministry of Health, to undergo molecular examination for coronavirus (PCR test) , since according to a recent Decree of the Ministry they must present a negative result.

The examinees must present the Employer Certificate.

It is reminded that in Larnaca there is a sampling center while in the free province of Famagusta there are three, specifically in Liopetri, Avgorou and Xylofagou.

Source: KYPE