AKEL Frenarous: In favor of the union of Deryneia-Frenarous-Acheritos

Local AKEL expresses disagreement and concern over the unanimous decision of the Frenaros Community Council

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Disagreement in the decision of the Community Council of Frenaros that supports the unification of the nine local authorities of free Famagusta in a single Municipality but also in whether the decision that was taken unanimously supports through its announcement AKEL Frenarous.

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This announcement:

"The Party Organization of AKEL Frenarous, discussed in a recent session, the developments concerning the issue of Local Government Reform. The discussion took place in view of the developments specified in the Committee on Internal Affairs of the Parliament.

Following the recent announcement of the Frenaros Community Council, in which it claims that it decided unanimously to support the creation of a single municipality in the free area of ​​Famagusta, we want to clarify our position as AKEL in relation to this issue and to remove any misunderstandings.

Without questioning in the slightest the democratic functioning of the Community Council, we consider that the invocation and emphasis given to the announcement of the term "unanimous" is at least misleading and creates impressions that are far from reality.

First, the session at which the decision was taken took place in the very early stages of the Reform debate, before the government even tabled any bill for debate in parliament.

Second and foremost, in the last session, only five of the nine members of the Community Council (including the Common Leader) were present, of which two were in favor of the Common Leader's proposal to support a single municipality in the region, the two members. while the other two present abstained from this proposal.

In our view, to take a decision on such a serious issue with a quorum and with the consent of only three of the nine members of the Community Council and even to present it as unanimous, how else can it be characterized, other than misleading.

It is unacceptable for some to invoke, good administration, rational development and viability of a municipality in our Province from the moment they adorn the majority of the pages in the annual report of the Auditor General, scandals and involvement of a specific municipality, which to this day remain unpunished and with the government to hammer indifferently and besides the scenario of a municipality is distant from the moment that Ayia Napa, Sotira and Liopetri have locked their own union.

In essence, however, we consider it inconceivable in the name of local government reform to see only numbers and to emerge as the only issue. We believe that the primary authority should be the local authority close to the citizen and vice versa the citizen close to those who make the decisions. In addition, issues of good governance, autonomy, issues that were set from the beginning as a precondition for the reform of local government must be ensured. That is why the creation of a municipality consisting of Deryneia, Frenaros and Vrysoules we consider to include the above and we believe that it will be completely sustainable.

With this position we will keep the flame of our reunion with the capital of our province unquenchable while our political problem remains unresolved and the capital of our province remains under occupation.

We believe that the transition of our community to the new era that the Reform in Local Government will bring with it, can not be realized other than our union with other neighboring communities in the Municipality of Deryneia away from opaque procedures and micropolitical expediencies.

AKEL Frenarous, December 16, 2021 ″