BRAKER: Unanimously in favor of a single Municipality in Famagusta

Strong opposition to the scenario for merging Frenaros with Deryneia and Acheritos: "Catastrophic for our community - No study on the viability of the three Municipalities of both communities was done"

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The intense contrast on the scenario proposed by the Committee on Home Affairs for its merger with Derynia and Acheritou officially expresses the Frenaros, after characterizing it "Catastrophic". The local authority at a recent meeting of the Community Council (1.12.2021) expressed opposition to the possibility of merging with the Municipality Deryneia and the Community Acheritou under his name Municipality of Deryneia, as it expresses reservations about sustainability of the script.

At the same time, at its meeting the Community Council, received unanimous decision in favor of creation of a single Municipality for the whole of free Famagusta, that is, the unification of the Municipalities of Ayia Napa, Deryneia Paralimni and Sotira as well as the Communities of Avgoros, Acheritos, Achnas, Liopetri and Frenaros in a single local authority with a population of 46,5 thousand inhabitants.

Here is the announcement of the Frenaros Community Council:

"Regarding the proposed proposals for the reform of Local Government that are under discussion in the Committee on Interior, the Community Council of Frenaros discussed this issue in a meeting held on December 1, 2021. After intense reflection, constructive discussion and after all those present were placed Members, the Community Council decided as follows unanimously now support its decision taken by a majority in an extraordinary session held on 5 December 2019 (see attached announcement).

In addition, it expresses strong contrast with the scenario discussed in the Committee on Home Affairs regarding creation of three Municipalities and two Communities in the Free Province of Famagusta because, except that this scenario will be deterrent for the uniform and rational development of the whole Province, no official study regarding the sustainability of the three Municipalities of both Communities did not take place.

Regarding the merger of the Municipality of Deryneia with our Community and the Community of Agios Georgios - Acheritos, we would like to inform you that a such a merger would be disastrous both for our community, as well as for the Municipality of Deryneia and for the Community of Agios Georgios - Acheritos. The merging of a Municipality and two Communities with minimal sources of revenue and without the necessary departments and satisfactory staffing for the rational operation of the proposed Municipality, not only will it not bring savings but will add additional operating and other expenses to its budget, without growth margins.

Our clear position is the creation of a single Municipality, which includes all existing Municipalities and Communities of the Free Province of Famagusta. If the creation of two Municipalities, as shown by the study of the Ministry of Interior, will bring total annual savings of 7.3 million euros, then the creation of a Municipality will have multiple annual financial benefits, including both additional annual savings and the ability to claim European funds for development projects, all for the benefit of citizens.

With this position, we do not want to judge any political party or those who have the opposite view with the creation of a Municipality in the Free Province of Famagusta, but to call the Committee on Interior and the House of Representatives, as the supreme legislative body, even the last , to reflect and envision outside the narrow party, local, economic or other interests. In a spirit of solidarity, we should all set as a primary criterion the good of the Free Province of Famagusta and consequently the occupied city of Famagusta because they belong to all those who come from the City and Province of Famagusta, occupied or not and proceed to the creation Municipality in the Free Province of Famagusta, with the commitment of all that with the liberation of the city of Famagusta, this Municipality will be renamed the Municipality of Famagusta and its headquarters will be transferred to the City of Famagusta.

Finally, together with the Executive Power, the Committee of Interior and consequently the House of Representatives, with a vision, should proceed with the unification of the four Municipalities and five Communities of the Free Province of Famagusta, creating a single Municipality and not the further division of the Province. , within the framework of the much-coveted for all of us Local Government reform. By combining and uniting forces, regardless of political, ideological and other differences, we can hope for a better future for the Free Province of Famagusta and our occupied City.

Frenarus Community Council

As such, the announcement of December 2019 regarding a majority decision of the Community Council of Frenaros in favor of the unified Municipality for Famagusta, which was ratified by the Community Council with its unanimous decision on 1.12.2021:

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