Frenaros without a bank, the residents are indignant

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The 5,000 residents of Frenaros were left without a bank, following the decision of the Bank of Cyprus to put a lock on the last banking branch left in the community.

The community leader, Michalis Hatzigiorkas, is extremely indignant and points out that the closure of the Bank of Cyprus "creates conditions for economic and social catastrophe."

Mr. Hatzigiorkas emphasizes that this branch was particularly important for the community as it served the 5,000 inhabitants, the businessmen of the Frenaros industrial zone but also the inhabitants of the community of Acheritos, as it was the only one left after the lockout in the branches of Laiki. , Greek and Cooperative.

"With this decision of the bank, the daily life of the inhabitants of the area becomes more difficult", the Common Leader emphasizes, adding that the inhabitants are now forced to go to Deryneia or Avgorou, even for the simplest transaction.

"Everyday transactions, such as paying bills, doing business, and even receiving a pension, will be a daily chore," he said.

It is noted that the banks of the neighboring communities are already overburdened with the service of the residents of Liopetri and Xylofagos.

According to the President of the community, the closure of the branch has created a huge problem in businesses and stores in the area, which can not be served immediately. The biggest inconvenience, as in all the communities where it was decided to close the operation of the bank branches, is, as he noted, the elderly.

Mr. Hatzigiorkas called on the Government to stand by Frenaros and all the other neighboring communities that were left without a bank and to give "a human hand of help to the citizens, as their lives are endlessly difficult from this end".

Source: KYPE