Call by Kleanthi Koutsofta for participation in the elections through Eleni Artymata (VIDEO)

The beautiful video made by the DISY MP candidate for registration in the electoral rolls, with the participation of the athlete Eleni Artymata

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With a beautiful video in which Eleni Artymata takes part, the candidate for the Parliamentary Elections in the Province of Famagusta with DISY Kleanthis Koutsoftas, invites to register in the electoral lists and participate in the upcoming Parliamentary Elections.

Characteristically, she states that the time has come for the new generation to participate in determining its own future.

Finally, he did not fail to wish good luck to Eleni Artymata for the Olympic Games.

Such a post:

Our future can not wait and together we claim the obvious. It goes without saying that we should bring the new political culture.

This will be done with our participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Claiming what we deserve is a demanding process, but a demanding process is not the vehicle to achieve our desires. Our vehicle, the participation.

To issue a ballot paper or transfer your voting rights, contact my candidacy support team at 99314431 or email

If you study or live abroad you must transfer your voting rights to the polls abroad.
My support team and I can assist you in the process of issuing a ballot paper and transferring your voting rights.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our champion, Eleni Artymata, who has made our Cyprus proud over time.

Eleni Artymata I am sure of your success in the upcoming Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo. Near you! | Candidate for Member of Parliament for Famagusta
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