KLEANTHIS KOUTSOFTAS: Announced candidacy for Famagusta

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At 17:00 in the afternoon, the District of NE.DI.SY Famagusta, Kleanthis Koutsoftas, announced his candidacy for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections with the ballot of the Democratic Alarm in Famagusta.

The announcement as it is:


In an unprecedented climate of uncertainty as to our human survival from the pandemic, economic survival from the crisis, social inequality and the disintegration of our political establishment, our country is marching in parliamentary elections.

Tolerance and abstinence, however, are neither the answer nor the cure for problems. From the cradle of the new generation, we must look for the standard-bearers of the new endeavor. Because by making the same choices, you can not expect a different tomorrow.

My participation in the commons started from my student years. I had the honor of being the President of the Cyprus Children's Parliament, I was elected to the Pancyprian Student Coordinating Committee, to the Presidency of the FPK Avant-Garde UK, to the Presidency of the United Kingdom Student Union EFEK and in recent years to the Presidency of NEDISY Famagusta. I graduated from the Law School of the University of Essex and have been practicing law for the last four years.

I know from family experiences what it means to expect the payment of unemployment benefits, to try to maintain a family business, to make correct calculations to pay installments and obligations. Problems of each family. Anxieties of every generation. Challenges for all those who want and dare to change the data. Invitations to each of you to co-shape a common realistic and incorruptible struggle.

I defend this policy which does not seek political benefit but satisfies the need to solve small, visible and glaring problems. The role of young people is not to fill out ballots.

I believe that the time has come for us, the new generation, to take the future into our own hands. A future that suits us, our children and our crippled homeland.

It's time to wake up from the lethargy of apathy and the cell phone screen, leave the couches and cafes and roll up our sleeves.

It is time to look ahead and claim what we deserve, to take on the historical burden of responsibility and not expect others to do it for us.

I want to put this energy and mental reserve in politics the day after the elections. With new concepts, modernized proposals, dynamism and diligence. Simply and truly to do what we want.

I am one of you. I decided to claim your representation in Parliament and to become your voice. I do not ask you to simply vote for me, but together to share a common vision for Nea Genia and Famagusta.

Together to determine tomorrow.

Together to bring new political culture and mentality.

Together to practice renewal.