KOUTSOFTAS: With an announcement that caused a sensation - The wish that stands out

The wish of the Apostolos Pavlos Center stands out - It goes down in the battle of the Parliamentary Elections, with the people seeming to embrace their decision from the first moment

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In the spirit of parliamentary elections, the political parties are moving, with the candidates making candidacies for informing the citizens.

The announcements started in Famagusta, while the announcement of the candidacy of the District Officer of NE.DISY Famagusta, Kleanthi Koutsofta, caused a sensation on social media, since the people seemed to respond positively and embrace it.

His announcement:


The first reading says that his candidacy has the pulse and the dynamics to claim the parliamentary seat with several chances.

The wish he received and stands out

As can easily be seen, many citizens rushed to wish Kleanthis Koutsoftas for his candidacy with the Democratic Alarm last Monday with his announcement, however the wish that stands out among so many others, seems to be that of the Apostle Paul Center in Liopetri .

With the announcement of his candidacy, the Apostolos Pavlos Center posted a photo in which it appears that Kleanthis Koutsoftas offered a new wheelchair for the needs of the center, with their thanks for not forgetting them and sending wishes for every success in the decision he made, pointing out at the same time that the parliament needs people like him.

See the post as it is: