Anti-occupation event in Berlin for the Municipality of Lefkonikos

lefkonoiko Nea Famagusta

The Municipality of Lefkonikos held an anti-occupation - Enlightenment event in Berlin between October 15 and 17 with the screening of the documentary "LEFKONIKO… of Mesarka kamarin".

According to today's announcement, the delegation of the Municipality of Lefkonikos, consisting of Mayor Zina Lysandrou Panagidis, and Municipal Councilor Nikolas Bakas had contacts with important figures in political life.

Together with Ambassador A. Hadjichrysanthou, on October 15, 2019, they visited the official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Hardy Boeckle, Head of the German Bilateral Relations Department with countries in Southern Europe, where they had a very interesting conversation.

The next morning, Wednesday, October 16, 2019, they visited the Federal Parliament, where they met two MPs, the President of the German-Cypriot Parliamentary Group, Andrej Hunko, (DIE LINKE) and Johannes Schraps (SPD), where they met again. developed their views on human rights abuses, the issue of our missing persons and the issue of the destruction and robbery of cultural heritage. They also spoke about the invasion and the exodus, emphasizing that our President is making every effort to find a solution, but Turkey is undermining all our efforts, and that we are eager to return to our land.

At noon, the Ambassador presented a meal to the delegation in the presence of Jacob Schrot, a German Chancellor in charge of Cyprus, who, in addition to political issues, was also interested in learning about the White House and rejoiced when he heard that in the town The First Cooperative Bank was established in Lefkonikos, based on the German Raiffeizen system.

On Thursday morning, the Mayor visited the Newes Museum, on the Museum Island, where she admired the Cypriot antiquities, in a special hall of the Museum, and felt great joy, honor and emotion when she discovered a ceramic with syllabic writing of the 5th to 3rd century. BC, from the White House.

On Thursday night, October 17, 2019, at 7 pm, the documentary "LEFKONIKO… of Mesarka kamarin" was screened, at an event at the Hellenic Cultural Center.

The artistic part was undertaken by Stelios Chatziktoris, tenor, and Dimitris Polyviou, guitar.