LIOPETRI: Giannis Ploutarchos sang with the children of Apostle Paul (VIDEO)

Giannis Plutarchos GIANNIS PLOTARCHOS, Apostolos Pavlos Special School, Liopetri, Nea Famagusta

We met him on the big Athenian tracks and in the concerts he performs from time to time in Cyprus, where each time he is adored by the thousands of fans who rush to have fun with his folk songs that speak directly to the soul. However, Giannis Plutarchos can touch the souls of people with his actions, which reveal the human face of the artist who is behind the spotlight.

The reason is a recent post of the singer on his personal facebook page, from his last visit to our island last June. "The good child" of the Greek music scene, despite its busy schedule, visited on June 28, 2019 the Apostolos Pavlos Special School in Liopetri, where he generously offered his love to children and sang with them well-known and favorite songs, proving for another that the power of music unites souls like a universal language that speaks to the hearts of men.

See the relevant post by Giannis Ploutarchos:


The artist's comments are disarming:

"Look at the soul !!
Everything else is ephemeral, perishable, sometimes even fake !! "

It is worth remembering that the Greek artist has developed a rich charitable activity as, a father of five children himself, he is particularly sensitive to issues concerning children who suffer or are deprived. After all, with income from the concerts he organized in Australia since 2009, he bought a house and donated it to the Agapi foundation, in order to house children of the Greek community with special needs.

The new house, located in the suburb of Clayton, was completely renovated with the artist's money and permanently houses twelve Greek children with special needs. Giannis Ploutarchos, wanting to honor his parents (his father is not alive) who taught him the importance of the offer, gave the institution their name "House Donation of the Panagiotis and Ekaterini Kakosaiou Family".

Source: Famagusta.News