LIOPETRI: Markos Koumis announced his candidacy for Deputy Mayor

Markos Koumis announced his candidacy for Liopetriou Vice Mayor

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Markos Koumis has announced his candidacy for the Vice-Mayorship of Liopetriou.

This is the announcement

dear fellow villagers,

Local government reform is a challenge, which must succeed for the good of our community.

But for it to succeed, people with knowledge, experience, vision, honesty, transparency and far from party dealings and personal interests must take the reins.

With the experiences I gained from the 35 years of working in a difficult professional area and from my involvement for about 30 years in the commons of our village, I decided to put before you my INDEPENDENT candidacy for the position of Deputy Mayor of Liopetriou.

With courage and determination I ask you for your positive vote so that together we can take Liopetri further forward.

I wish everyone a Happy Holidays.

Sincerely Yours

Markos Koumis
Candidate Deputy Mayor of Liopetriou