Municipality of Paralimni: Operates a tourist renewal

dimos paralimniou pernera Municipality of Paralimniou

The Municipality of Paralimni lays the foundations for the creation of an integrated tourism strategy, which aims at the further development of the tourist product of the region, in order to strengthen its tourist flow and to promote their image as a destination beyond the well-known "sun and sea" pattern.

For this purpose, the Municipality of Paralimni announced a tender for the preparation of a study of an integrated tourism strategy of the region.

According to the text of the announcement, the study will aim at the detailed planning of actions for the further development of the tourist product in the area of ​​the Municipality (except for the timeless product "sun and sea"). The study should be based on data from field research and secondary research (office research) conducted by the successful bidder. Based on the specifications set, the study will be based on internationally recognized methodologies and practices and will be implemented in three stages / activities.

The contract will last for 18 months and its estimated value, excluding VAT, is € 24.000. Applications will be accepted until 12/3/2018.

The content of the Contract is structured in the following areas of activity:

  • Analysis of the Current Situation
  • Strategic planning
  • Operational planning

The goals

As emphasized in the text of the announcement, the tourism strategy aims to present the best practice that the Municipality should adopt for the tourism development and promotion of the area with the aim of:

  • Improving the contribution of the tourism sector to the increase of accumulated revenues and the viability of tourism enterprises.
  • The increase in employment, productive investments and the constant information of the interested parties about the incentives that exist, through a permanent and constantly evolving information platform.
  • The promotion of the region as a center of tourist activities of international level through the use of best promotion practices (marketing).
  • The careful utilization of both the natural and cultural wealth of the Municipality, as well as the tourist and wider infrastructure for attracting tourists with different requirements and incomes from traditional markets, but also from emerging and promising markets.
  • The improvement of the processes of organization and management of the existing infrastructures as well as the introduction of new tourist actions (see special forms of tourism), with the ultimate aim of prolonging the tourist season and reducing the seasonality.
  • Education - Training of all stakeholders, strengthening of public - private clusters with the ultimate goal of creating new jobs, the adoption of a common framework for the return of the tourist area (including the adoption of drastic measures against disorderly construction, ), providing incentives for the full-time operation of the tourist infrastructure.

Based on the previous analyzes, the Contractor will proceed with construction, change of direction - mentality, media incentives - Hotels one way, theme parks, jobs.

Strategy Analysis

The contractor should proceed to the recording and analysis of the vision (redefining the identity of the tourism product), the strategic and specific objectives of the Municipality in the field of Tourism. In other words, the framework for the implementation of the strategy will be captured. Based on the analysis of the current situation and the wording SWOT, the contractor will proceed to the presentation of the strategy of the Municipality, regarding the sector. Essentially, the strategy will be presented on three levels:

  • Vision (Short-term and long-term).
  • Strategic goals.
  • Business Objectives.

Operational planning

In the context of business planning, the implementation actions of the strategy should be recorded and analyzed. In other words, the interventions that the Municipality should proceed with, in order to achieve the vision, the strategic and specific objectives with emphasis on the opportunities presented by the co-financed and competitive European programs, will be captured. Emphasis will be given to actions to promote the tourism product, where significant shortcomings are recorded.

Source: inbusinessnews