Informative meeting in Paralimni for the Flood Maps (IMAGES)

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The informative meeting organized by the Civil Defense for the flood maps and the risk of flooding in the free province of Famagusta took place on November 8 in Paralimni. It was attended by DISY MPs K. Hatzigiannis, G. Karoullas, and O. Koulas, L. Papagiannis, ELAM MP, and the Independent MP A. Theologou. DIKO was represented by E. Komodromou. Also, the Mayor of Sotira, G. Takkas, N. Vasilas, mayor of Achna, representatives from the Municipality of Paralimni, the Municipality of Deryneia and representatives from the K.S. Avgorou and Acheritou. Also present were a representative of the Famagusta Police Department and the National Guard, representatives from the Department of Public Works, the Department of Agriculture, the Kokkinochori Sewerage Council, CYTA, the Health Services, the Department of Homeland Security, the Welfare Office, the Department of Water Development, the Sewerage Council of Ayia Napa, Paralimni, as well as executives of the Civil Defense of the region.

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The Director of PEDPA Famagusta, Mr. Kyriakos Hatzigeorgiou, after welcoming the attendees, noted that the purpose of the meetings is "to inform the world", while emphasizing the importance of continuing to disseminate information to municipalities and communities.

Mr. Nikolas Paris, Senior Officer of the Political Defense, presented the Risk Assessment resulting from the climate crisis and underlined the importance of assessing the potential of the Republic of Cyprus to address the risks, including, in particular, the 2018 assessment. Emphasis on coherence needed to characterize the activities developed by the relevant services, saying that “the fragmentation of responsibilities that emerges today needs to be overcome, through a whole a strategy to reduce risks and address their overall catastrophic consequences. " He also said that "38 anti-flood works are being promoted by 2022" and cited as such an example "the removal of illegalities in river flows".

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The researcher of TEPAK Mrs. Katerina Drakou presented the program "AEGIS Act" which is part of the program Interreg Greece-Cyprus. "The aim of the program is to strengthen the competence of civil protection authorities to deal with natural disasters, to improve the ability of local government to respond, and to improve recording time and procedures," said Drakou. of decisions ”.

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The Director of PEDPA, Mr. Kyriakos Hatzigeorgiou, presented the Interactive Flood Maps and the way to search for information on them. He gave specific examples that appear in the Maps for the area of ​​the province of Famagusta, especially in areas of flood risk in Paralimni and Ormidia.
For the Self-Defense Measures, it was distributed to the attendees with practical advice prepared by the Civil Defense.

In the discussion that followed, the attendees asked questions and there was a very fruitful dialogue. It was emphasized that the cultivation of a conscience for prevention is linked to informing and raising awareness of the younger generation on the issues of the climate crisis.
The event was coordinated by Mr. Andreas Efthimiou, Assistant Officer of PEDPA Famagusta.