Civil Defense is on constant alert due to the weather

"Movements must be avoided, due to the snowfall, but also the low visibility"

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The Civil Defense is constantly alert and prepared due to the weather.

In her statements to KYPE, the spokesperson of the Civil Defense, Olivia Michailidou, said that as early as Friday, members of the Civil Defense carried out patrols in the mountainous areas in order to identify any needs and provide the necessary assistance.

"We are in constant communication with all the community leaders of the mountainous areas, with whose cooperation an effort is made for the best possible management of the situation," he said. "We are going through beautiful winter days, which are worth rejoicing and enjoying, but at the same time we must be very careful to avoid unpleasant situations," he added.

In the mountainous areas, Ms. Michailidou continued, "movements must be avoided, due to the snowfall, but also the low visibility".

"Inevitably, the citizens of the mountainous areas will have to suspend their planned work and be confined to closed spaces, keeping them warm. "Citizens of urban areas, where there is heavy rainfall, are asked to move only if absolutely necessary and in this case to maintain low speeds, to keep safe distances from oncoming vehicles and to faithfully apply the traffic code," he noted. .

Ms. Michailidou also reminded that "we do not try in any case to cross a flooded road and we do not approach areas where there is a risk of landslides."

"In case our car comes to a standstill, we abandon it immediately, as there is a risk of it being swept away by the water or flooding," he added.

He urged citizens to monitor the development of weather phenomena and the state of the road network and to follow the recommendations and prompts given for the safety of themselves and those around them.

"We are constantly vigilant and prepared to deal with emergencies that always arise with the occurrence of such phenomena," he concluded.

Source: KYPE